Monday, April 12, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

I think I'm still recovering from all the activity over the weekend.  Note(s) to self: Self, do not under any circumstances plan more than 2 big events in one weekend. And, further, by no means whatsoever - make those events on separate Florida coasts. sigh.

 This is what i get when i fail to put down every event on one master calendar.  Do not let the men in your life manage your time or you will find that you won't have any left. For important things.  Like sleeping. eating. blogging.  You know.

We cleaned like a family possessed Friday night because we knew we wouldn't have time over the weekend - much to boys' dismay.  "CLEANING? ON A FRIDAY NIGHT?? Good grief woman, have you lost your mind??"  Ok, they really didn't say that last part, but the look on their faces said they were thinking it.

I didn't get pictures of the football game from Saturday afternoon because i ran errands - but from what i hear, it's probably best.  Major loss.  Upset boys. Fighting.  Glad i missed it.

But i picked them up, stuffed them into the car and drove to Tampa to pick up "the teenagers" for the last hockey game of the Lightning's season.  This is my future step-daugher (can i say i despise the word "step"?) - she's the 3rd one back with her mouth hanging open. sigh. 


and the little "almost" teenage trouble maker - Walker...too cute even when he gives me that look....

and then we got up bright and early and drove BACK across the state for the Cub scouts Blue and Gold banquet at Fort Christmas for the little one.  He is crossing over from Bears to Webelos this year - I am so proud of him and i love his den - it's a great group of kids and parents.  I heart all of them :)

I present Den 8...

 My baby....

Linking to Tara's weekend recap at Between You & Me - come on over and show off your awesome weekend!


  1. love these shots!!! Thanks for linking up! This will give others a chance to get over to your blog and check it out in all of it's awesomeness!

  2. Now that was a full weekend~ Great photos!! enjoy your day!

  3. Hi Sheri, thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comments you have left there! I am following you now and I can't wait to get to know you!