Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Needing some "experienced" girls...

Don't give me that look.  Not that kind.  I need web guru help.

If any of you had created a true ".com" website - i have some questions for you and any feedback is much appreciated!

  1. Who did you use to register your domain? (Ex;, etc)
  2. Did you find that there were things you should have taken into consideration first?
  3. How long did you purchase your domain for?
  4. Did you use one of the domain sites templates to create your webpage or did you hire it out? 
  5. If you hired it out, who did you use?
Much hugs and squishy face blow kisses!



  1. Wish I could help but I'm so new to blogging myself. Good luck with your quest.

  2. I purchased a .com through Go Daddy, but I am still using my blogspot address, go figure. I will switch, but I purchased for a business and right now it just redirects to my etsy store. I did the 2 year one and it was easy... trust me, I'm no genius when it comes to computers:)

    My friend purchased her .com through blogger and uses google as a host. It worked out well. She uses blogger templates. It was easy, we did it together. I think it was $10 for the name and $50ish for the hosting fee. Blogger still lets you use their blog stuff for free.

    You can use blogger or go daddy to see if your name is available.

    I think Darcy at m3boybarians does a great job designing with her business... check out her blog. feel free to contact me if I can give any more help:)

    ps. your honeymoon sounds perfect... love Paris, but a private getaway on a tropical island... what a beautiful way to start a new life. Blessings to you!

    Oh yes, came to see your sweet shot... you definitely don't live in Oregon! I am getting anxious to start planting all those wonderful veggies.