Friday, April 23, 2010

This is Serious Business, Ma'am.

Doesn't he look like he's pouring over numbers and spreadsheets?  I almost expect to hear him say he found a solution to the financial crisis. 

Yesterday was BYKTWD.  Not familiar with that acronym? It was Bring Your Kid To Work Day. :)

That made it a little harder for us since we both work from home and there is no WOW factor for them. Well, aside from the fact that they got to stay home from school.

I did not make him dress up - he decided to do that on his own - my little accountant.  He actually hates numbers.  I did, however, make him do research on my company, and do a report on who we are, what we do and what countries we are in.

He also had to write down our org chart and look up our CEOs and VP names, and also create a very small industry term dictionary.

Let's just say he was ready to go back to school this am LOL.

Now, this one? He had it MUCH easier. First of all, note the attire.  That is business casual, or Spongebob Business casual. Spongebob football jersey? check!

Secondly, hanging with the sales division (aka known as Vance) - life is good.  It's all about getting the client, parties, girls, dinner, know how those sales people roll.  Just kidding about the girls.  He was a little disappointed in that.  So was Vance.

Anyway, another day in the books for our working class :)

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