Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Power of Paint Party Link Up!

It's my first link to Domestically Speaking's Power of Paint Party - yay! I sound way more excited than I really was. I needed the push. I've had this black, Pottery Barn shadow box sitting in my garage, well, honestly, TWO garages for the past 7 years.  That's right.  7 years i lugged that thing around.  Didn't really like it.  Didn't want to give it away.  I have a BFF that's doing the same thing with a boyfriend.  But, I digress.  Then this week I had my own Oprah AHA moment.  I decided what i didn't like about it (manly, modern, black) and what i did like about it (deep, sturdy, inside shelving, classic shape) and just decided it just needed to be feminized.  A cabinet sex-change if you will.

 Here it is before.  Obviously, it's dusty in my garage.  Not gonna do anything about that problem...

Swung by the hardware store and picked up these....

Please note - if you've never used spray adhesive before (i had not) they are not all created equal.  In fact, i learned that the one on the left is evil for projects...take a look...i sprayed and it dried cloudy.  Which i had to scrape off.  GRRRRR...i was so mad, and also afraid if i took too long to scrape it i would never get it off, so i didn't stop to grab the camera until i was working on the last bit of it left in the corners.

 and that's when i decided i need this...this is what we call redneck sangria.  No, i do not put ice in my red wine NORMALLY.  just in sangria. and, yes, i do realize this is an iced tea goblet....

And then i tried again. After i went to Michael's to pick up the adhesive on the right in the picture above...much better...

Looked good...on to spray painting it. I will not lie. I did not sand.  I did not prime.  I'm not really crafty and I'm impatient....but shout to the spray paint I used (above) LOVE.THE.TRIGGER. No pointer finger pain from holding the nozzle down.  Really good coverage too.

I would show it hung on the wall, but the man is out of town until today and he was saying something about waiting for him to do it, blah blah studs, and blah blah how much the thing weighed, and and and ...i got tired at some point and zoned out to DWTS on TV.   But this is where she'll go - just higher of course.  Look at the roll of TP gazing lovingly at it's new home. I think it will be happy there.


  1. glad you took the step and linked up. great re-do and your writing style gave me a smile.

  2. Love it... definitely more feminine.. and I love those new triggers too. I've have my fingertip numb for days before... the hazards of spraypainting. Thanks for sharing with us at the POPP.