Thursday, March 29, 2012

A New Adventure

I am so freaking excited right now, I can hardly contain myself.  By the time this posts, we will be super-surprising our boys with this...


They have no clue.  They think we're going to the beach for a few days to wrap up spring break here. HA!  We've had so much fun dropping hints today.  Walker, my oldest, asked what hotel we were staying at, and asked if would have a cool water slide....uhm heck YEA.

Then, the little stinker wanted to know if he was going to have to walk a mile to beach from the, i don't think you can get any closer to the water my boy!

This will be the very first time we will have pulled off anything of this magnitude on them (except for Christmas of course!)  See ya soon....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look, I said this wasn't going to be quick.

It has taken forever to get this post done.  I actually finished the bathroom (ok, MOSTLY finished the bathroom) a few weeks ago.  But life, as life does, has really taken some unexpected turns in the last month and brought me along for the ride.  So, the bath got pushed to the back burner.
BUT.... let's get to the good stuff - the finished product.

Here is where it was...remembe this post?.kind of...ick....