Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Style Dilemma #1 - Meet My Kitchen and tell me what YOU would do.

I wish I could say wonderful things about my kitchen. Let me try....  uhm......still thinking......ok, i know! The subway tile we put up last year - LOVE IT. This pic was taken pre-tile - here is a closeup of it below..  That's about the only thing i love in this kitchen.  And that project was FREE. Tile was free and i did it, so labor was free.

but the rest - not so much love going on, i gotta say.  It's a small house that was great when it was only me and the boys, but now that there are 5 us and 3 cats, with me and the fiance working from home - it gets tiny really fast.  But that's an entirely different post about putting your house up for sale in this market.  Back to the issue at hand.

The question at hand is this - can i put up wainscoting or beadboard in that breakfast nook - or is that too casual for the cherry cabinets?  I want to trim out my windows and throw some serious chunky trim in there like you can see in the post a few days back, but i'm afraid it won't "go".

Anyone have an opinion?


  1. Sheri...are you all staying in this house or putting it on the market and trying to sell it?

    If you're staying put for a long while..then I'd make it what you want it to be...you said in one of your recent posts that you like lots of light..so even though you don't have a ton of light in that room, you could lighten the look up.

    Would you EVER paint the cabinets? Is it the dark stain that you don't like?

    You have great appliances...the subway tile is always a plus! and you have those big windows to work with...

  2. Hey Tara :) It's on the market, however, we have got zero traffic, so i'm leaning on the stay put side. The plus - it's close to Dommerich - where my kids go to school. We're giving it until June 1 when the contract expires and then i give up officially lol.

    I actually don't mind the cherry cabinets - it's the darkness of the room - the only natural light comes from those windows by the table - really super dark in there. That's why i was thinking maybe wainscoting and chunky trim to finish out the nook - maybe it would brighten it some or would it not go?

  3. I actually like your kitchen! :) Did you see my kitchen remodel? Somewhat dark cabinets ... Fun post!

  4. I think adding the wainscoting and chunky trim would look wonderful!!!