Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dear Peggy, it's about your house.

I have to admit.  I did something I probably should not have done considering my house still has not sold.  I visited your open house yesterday.

Your sweet, charming cape cod with the gabled roof and red front door...

I fell in love.  Which is surprising because, Peggy, anyone who knows me, knows that I prefer old ranch houses that i can tear apart improve and heavens, i don' Plus, truth be told, my old real estate agent lives in that neighborhood and i was kind of afraid of running into her.  Yet, i went anyway.

The house had me at hello.  Your neighbors were also curious and followed me into your house and I think that's where i first learned your name, and that you had passed.  They told me about the neighborhood, the kids, and that this house was well loved.  It was.

 I think i stayed in that kitchen staring at your fruit wallpaper a little too long because i started to picture the canning i would do from my garden and seeing mason jars filled with daisies on the counter.  I DON'T EVEN LIKE WALLPAPER, PEGGY. sigh.

and is that a GAS STOVE??

Peggy, i hope your house finds someone who will love it like you did.  I know I think it's awesome.  If you happen to run into the Big Guy up there - could you mention that you know this awesome family that would love to live there. Just sayin'.

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