Thursday, August 30, 2012

A snake in a bedroom, a bully of a momma and one very sick kid

I think that pretty much sums it up.

 We pretty much started off the week on the wrong foot by finding a snake in my son's room.
 You read that right.
An honest to goodness, slithering, snake.
 I was on the mad dash to pick the crap up off of his floor and 
the snake was buried in a pile of dirty, stinky t-shirts from football practice. 

I dropped the shirts and the snake and called Vance.
This is where i tell you that i did NOT scream.
Oh no.
Because i have been through this before with this child.
He has some odd fascination with these things and this is now 
the second one i have found in his room.

He says he didn't bring this one in like he did the other one.
I wonder.
I think he likes giving his momma a heart attack.
Right now, all the men in my family swear it must have crawled into one of the shoes we left on the stoop and we carried it in unknowingly.
I went to bed wondering where the snake brothers and sisters were.

Same child had a bout with allergies a few days later.
Or so i thought.
So....being the
i tell him to buck up.
Stop whining.
Good grief, you act like you're on the only one on the planet who ever had allergies.
When i see you at football practice I don't want to see any wimpering.
You made a commitment, you're GOING to practice.
of course. He spikes a fever of 102 and it turns out he really was sick.

You know what's ironic is I was just telling someone that His grace
steps in to cover us 
when we need it.
Yea, kind of needing it today
because this Worst Mother Ever shirt is feeling a little snug.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Dining Room Update!

Ladies, we have progress. By no means is it done so you aren't going to see a before/after reveal here but i do have pics of where we are!
What we still don't have:
  1. Cream Linen picked for back of chairs that flank the hutch
  2. Monogram custom designed by Savannah shop (in blue to match walls) on above said linen.
  3. oils or prints for above chairs that flank hutch (however, i am MUCH closer after visiting a local artist studio this week)
  4. Buffalo check fabric for curtains. Very very sad about that. So that is why you're seeing my old curtains back up on the rod.  That being said, i've had several people tell me that they like these curtains in there now with the paint. Go figure. 
  5. centerpiece/candlesticks for table
So without further adieu...pic overload only because i couldn't get one that wasn't fighting with the lighting in this room.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Running Away From Home

My house is a wreck.
I have dirty dishes from yesterday stacked in the sink.
I'm pretty sure I have an open bag of chips on the counter 
...and recycles that need to go in the bin
...but the bin is overflowing.
Again. dining room is still a construction zone.

It may be hard to tell we have made a lot of progress - so let me share.
It took 2 full days just to get the crown up.
We have some serious wall warpage that had to be accounted for.
14 feet off of the ground.
On a ladder that has really skinny rungs.
The poor hubs had very sore insteps for a few days. 

i tried at least 6, maybe 7, different paint colors.
The color you now see is SW Pearl something or other.
Which is a very coastal blue'ish gray.
And i love it!
I think I'm even going to keep the doors red!
I'm really liking how it looks. 

But, this week was a killer.
Pop Warner practice every day.
no joke.
I can't even go there in my mind right now.

So, we ran away.
This condo sits between the river and the beach.
This is my view this morning over coffee.
In about 10 minutes i'm walking out the front door to beachside.

Excuse me while i take mental health day, or 2.
Peace out!