Monday, April 9, 2012

Sick of it!!

My husband and I have gotten into saying "JUST SICK OF IT" to the other anytime one of us voices aggravation over something -  we got this little jewel from the Hanes socks commercial here - 


Doesn't that kid just crack you up?

Anyway - yesterday - i found myself, on Easter Sunday, in a perpetual state of picking up, cooking, cleaning, laundry, you name it - and 3/4's of it wasn't for ME.  It was for those not so little lights-of-my-life - who were either in the pool, on playstation, or playing Wii.  Or watching the Masters.  Ok, maybe THAT one's not so small, but he's not really the problem here.


And, then i proceeded to tell them how sick of it I was, when it hit me - that i'm part of the problem.  And V - i'm really glad you stifled that laugh when you heard me say "SICK OF IT" to Nate, otherwise we would have never recovered and any effort would have been lost!

I'm not consistent in making them pick up their room, do their own laundry or clean the kitchen after supper.  I was doing all of those things by their age.  I've gotten lazy with regard to making them take care of these things.

WELL NOT ANYMORE. I told you. I'm sick of it.

So today we are creating "How To" charts. 
  1. How to clean the kitchen
  2. How to do laundry
  3. How to dust
  4. How to clean the bathroom
  5. How to do the floors 
Stay tuned for those Thursday - I feel a very lazy weekend coming on girls.



  1. I have those moments and they are always on the weekends. Always. It's like the people who live in my house decide to destroy it in 24 hours or less. I am with you though...I do too much for my kids and don't expect enough of them. They are totally capable. Power to the mamas!

  2. Good luck with your list! I really need to do that! My kids can destroy my house in minutes yet seem to forget where everything goes. On top of that, they are off this week for spring break. I will lose my mind between now and next Monday!