Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bathroom Tweaking

Hello lovelies,

I wanted to show a few more tweaks we made to the bathroom last week....

We got rid of the Hollywood light above mirror, and installed globes with bubbles - looks old and i love it...and yes, it's blurry.  I could blame it on the camera, but in all honesty, i still have cruise legs and I'm sure that's why it's blurry.

And we couldn't let one light get updated, and not replace the hideous builders' ceiling light, right?  I loved this one with the Edison bulb, again kind of vintage looking

And for those you that wanted to see the painting job up close - this is for you.  I distressed it slightly so it would match the distressed mirror over the vanity.  I cannot say enough good things about how hard and glossy this finish is. Rustoleum Transformations is worth it i think.  That finish is rock hard.  And, I'm now brave enough to do white on my master bath vanity.

And these knobs are killer cute, aren't they?

Here's a closeup of that mirror frame- i think i copy well LOL.

A cute new shiny faucet that got a good Shaklee wipe down just before taking the picture...

And just because i personally keep Target in business - a few accessories.  I really need to stop going down the Smith and Hawken aisle.  I truly think my wallet jumps out of my purse just with the turn of cart. 

But seriously, look how precious this is...

And we're going to call it day for now - but my list is still ever-growing around here.  Next on the update path i think will be the laundry room.  And i'm sure another trip or 4 to Target again.

One more shot of everything ~

Have a great Sunday afternoon peeps :)


  1. How was the cruise??!! Can't wait to hear...
    Love this room. Those light fixtures are great...where from?

  2. I love the tweaks you made! I know what you mean about Target. Sometimes I go in there to buy hangers or something and end up with a cartload. I have been eyeing up those Smith and Hawkin pieces too! Very cute!