Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cute, Cheap and Easy ...I mean Effective...

Hey, guess what today is?

I used to not think a whole lot about Earth day.  It came and went without much notice at our house.  This pretty much summarized my opinion, right here.

It's all a bunch of tree hugging hippie crap

 Evolved, eh?

I truly felt that any small steps taken would not even begin to put a dent in what really needed to be done to get our planet back on track. Our landfills are overflowing, and our population continues to grow.  What impact is my small family really going to have - why waste my time??

That was a few years back.
And then I stumbled onto a few blogs where these women had totally revamped the space under their kitchen sink.  You know, that place where you can't even see the bottom of the cabinet. Where you have, what, how many toxic chemicals stuck under there? 
A gazillion?
Along with probably a few old vases that never get pulled out and a few gross sponges and maybe some huge BBQ tongs that don't fit anywhere else and a big 'ol gallon of bleach sitting right beside a gallon of white vinegar.
ok, maybe that was just MY cabinet.

But back to the point....I saw this at House of Grace...

And I was sold.
Kind of.
I still waited a week to buy them. 
Because of 2 thoughts:
It's probably outrageously priced 
and it probably doesn't work all that well anyway.

And they were cheaper than all those products I was using AND they worked.
And they didn't just work, they worked WELL.

My $18, 2 product, purchase, of Shaklee Basic H and Scour Off replaced all of these:
Windex, Lysol Tub and Tile, Weiman's ceramic stove top cleaner, Soft Scrub, my stainless steel cleaner, and COMET.

Buh-bye Ugly, Overpriced and GROSS. Hello Cute, Cheap and Effective!!

Come on, you know you want CUTE.  You know you have better things to spend your $$, purses, girls night out.  Not to mention that now you can safely put those PS3 playin, cheetoh eatin, whiny rugrats  adorable children to work while you get to work on a good book, a margarita and a tan.

So what are you waiting for? An invitation? I happen to have one of those :)
In honor of EARTH day, you can join free for LIFE.  Click HERE to get those 2 products I mentioned above.  They are hands down my 2 favorites!

If you want to know why i made the move to start selling this product, read my family's story, go  HERE.

 We love this product line, we believe in everything Shaklee stands for and we would love for you to just give it a try.  We think you'll feel the same way.


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  2. soooo do you do ALL of your cleaning with those two products?
    I'm wanting to make the switch and I thought about a company called melaleuca, but they make you pay $30 to join and then you have to order by the 25th of every month or fax them if you're not going sounded SO HIGH MAINTENANCE for me.

    I'd love to make a few switches when we move into the new house...the cleaning supplies are SO expensive!!!