Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boot Camp for Kids - Cleaning the Kitchen

My kids have seen the other side, and it's not pretty.
(Well, for me, it's glorious. For them, not so much.)

We are in...drumroll please....HOUSE CLEANING BOOTCAMP.
is it just me, or do you hear angels singing too?

 I wanted them to start taking over some of these things that I knew full well they were capable of, but I didn't want to stand over them barking orders.  

As fun as that was for them, I had other things to do.  Like getting a tan. Or napping

So, I made a 'How to' sheet.  I am brilliant I tell ya.. 

So, I give you the first installment of  Kiddie Boot Camp - Cleaning the Kitchen.  
With a shameless plug for my Shaklee store.  Humor me.

Ok - so you may have noticed I've told my boys to put silverware in the dishwasher pointed "up" - our dishwasher basket is poorly engineered, sitting in the door where food just wants to bounce around in that darn thing so i have them do it this way, as opposed to playing it safe, pointing it down.  If you have young kids in Boot Camp - point 'em down!

And because this is a shameless plug - look how shiny our dishes are.  Seriously, guys, life is too short to waste money on stuff that you don't just love.  
Shaklee's Get Clean Line for the kitchen: Dish Soap, Dish Powder Concentrate and Scour Off.

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  1. Wow! You are inspiring me once again! Time to get my bootcamp on!