Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The D word.

It seems that at some point, i'm sure in the darkness of night, some gremlins snuck in and took in the waistline of my jeans.  And also cut down the fabric of my bathing suit bottoms.  All of them.  I think they also re-calibrated my scale because, almost overnight, i weigh 12 pounds more.

And while my wonderful (read, smart) husband tells me he doesn't care and that i look amazing, i am not so found of this muffin top i see or the bingo wings that have now sprouted in place of my upper arms. 

It's time for drastic measures.  
I realize i have a flair for the dramatic, but i love food!!!

I also had no excuse.  When I signed up to be a Shaklee distributor, they sent me their diet shakes and snack bars from their CINCH line.  I would be lying if I said I jumped right on those puppies. HA! Seriously those boxes went straight to the back of the pantry.

And then, my bathing suits from Victoria's Secret came.

It was not pretty, girls. 
I may even have screamed at one point.  

And, my husband and I are taking a long overdue honeymoon so I have conceded that it's time.  I've got to stop the madness.  I have begun the DIET.

I should be at 135.  That puts me in a solid size 6.

But this is where I started yesterday...
I cannot believe i'm showing you this..not to mention i desperately need a new pedi.

And this was the number this morning. Talk about a fast start!!
Dear Shaklee, I'm sorry I hid you away in dark corners of the pantry.  I know it's dusty back there, not to mention more than a few cheerios on the floor.  It will never happen again.
Yes, I am pretty darn excited.  I feel a clothing optional honeymoon coming ;)  But in the short term, I'm getting a pedicure...



  1. Oh darn you swimsuit gets me every single year. Last year was one long swimsuit season, and I am dreading it again so soon. I am proud of you for getting serious and for taking a honeymoon...that is awesome. Keep us updated on your progress and enjoy that pedi!

  2. haaaaaate the scales.
    I'm up about 10 pounds, too.

    all of this back pain I'm in keeps me from being able to exercise and apparently, you can't eat whatever you want and not exercise when you're my age. :(

    good luck with your working on it! you can do it! steady and slow wins the race!!!