Friday, April 20, 2012

Darn you Pottery Barn!

We are getting together for a farewell party tonight - our neighbor's daughter is moving across the country with her man, and we're sending her off with lots of love, best wishes and a little 'somethin' to help her set up home-keeping in LA.
 (swimming pools, movie stars...)

So, because I'm always looking for any excuse to go to Pottery Barn, I offered to do the hop over there and pick up a gift card from all of us. 

I know, what a hardship, right?  Plus my wallet needed a field trip.not.

They never let you down if you're needing some eye candy, do they?

This is  Unfortunately, my wallet is not feelin' it.  I don't think there is one thing i on this table that i don't like.  

.......and, look at this gorgeousness.  So many pretty, beachy, things.  
Those glass floats were pretty reasonable if you want a knock off, btw.  $8/each for the small ones. Unfortunately, you can't find real ones for that. 

Did i contain myself (and my cash)? Yes...but i have to tell you...not for long.
I came home with a plan (poor Vance). It may or may not involve some purging via Craigslist (anyone need some Vanessa Pottery Barn drapes 108" in the red colorway?)

and...i might, just might, repaint the inside of my front door. again.



  1. Pottery Barn is so dangerous for me! I LOVE that store so much and I always seem to want absolutely everything in there...what great marketing they have! I love the first picture with all the blue! I need to go shopping...

  2. Agreed. I have thought about getting a part-time job there, just to get 40% off.

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  4. Ah ... those pesky shops that make me want to spend. (and create)

  5. is this the one in winter park?
    i loved that store....oh, how I miss it!!
    I saved cash for 6 months to be able to buy two of their big mercury lamps!!!

    oh, how I miss winter park!