Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today is a big day for us at The Project!

We got our first ever SHOUT OUT in the blog world :0) WOOHOO!

Vanessa at Southern In My Heart asked if I would mind if she featured me the blog and guys, I wish I could say I was all cool and stuff and waited like a few days to return the message and was like "uhm, sure, whatev."  RIGHT.  THAT HAPPENED. yeah.  What really happened is i kind of yelped out loud and scared the crap out of the cat that was in my lap when I saw the message on my blog.  And then i shoved Max to the floor and started typing back as fast as my little fingers would type and said PLEASE DO PLEASE DO - I was a little more than excited.   

So, today, Vanessa is hosting Inspiration Fridays where we all can post what we found that inspired us this week.  Anything.  Posts about scripture, posts about decorating, pictures posts, it doesn't matter. What matters is that YOU were inspired by it. And bless her ever-lovin heart, she was inspired by my front door re-do.  Now i'm embarrassed that I didn't do MORE.  It's a project half completed - it needs it needs it needs... BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER, i'm on cloud 9 feeling all Sally Field at the Oscars.


So, let me tell you what inspired me this week.  It came from 2 different blogs and it was all about the kitchen in both. 

First...from A Dash Of Humble Pie.   This is Lissa's kitchen. 

Yea. I know. Right?? I think I have gone back to her blog and stared at this kitchen no less than 100 times.  It's the muted, soft colors yet the crispness of it that just draws me in. I know, it's a dichotomy - that pale versus crisp thing.  Whatever, it works.  I love how it feels so very Martha but a lot warmer.  (Sorry Martha. Still love ya. Promise.)  And i have been searching high and low for a similar candle holder/vase.  You guys, i have kitchen envy.  

Then there's Ashli's kitchen.  You can see more at her blog Maillardville Manor

Are you dying laughing at me right now? I know what you're thinking.  DUH, blondie, it's almost the same exact look. Yea, i know. But i can't help it.  I love the white cabinets, the color of the counters - and once again - IT'S SO CRISP. And again, still very warm.  And aren't you just dying over that lemon tree on her counter? I know Lissa would :)  She has an entire post about having her own lemon tree. 

And this, sweet girls, it what inspired me this week to keep moving forward on all of my kitchen dreams. 


  1. thank you so much for these sweet words about my kitchen! The candle holder/ vase is just from Pottery Barn. It's not very expensive. i hope that all of your kitchen dreams come true!

  2. Thank you so much for picking my my kitchen!!! It's true I do have an entire post about our lemon tree :) haha
    Thanks again,you rule!

  3. YEA!!!!! How fun! You are so cute and I am lucky to say "I knew you when..."! And yes, I love both of those kitchens! Which reminds me, I need to go put a coat of paint on my cabinets! Congrats Sheri!

  4. Hello!! I'm Lynn, from Blueskies. I saw the post on Southern In My Heart and had to come over....LOVE IT. Especially the post about needing quiet-I so needed to read the inspiration that you posted and will go back and look up those scriptures.
    Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing more!!

  5. Stopping by from the inspiration party. I love both kitchens and I also love all the inspiration we get from each other her in blogland!! Keep going on those kitchen plans!

  6. Ah, so YOU'RE the gal with the new front door who got the shout out! Just to let you know... your door inspired me too.

    And I agree about those kitchens and love them too.

  7. I LOVE those kitchens too, they are very inspiring! So glad my sister, Vanessa, directed me over to your blog. Consider me a new follower. :o)

  8. Hi,
    Your blog is too cute! Your inspiration kitchens are really charming! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my bathroom remodel! Stop by again sometime and congrats on the shout out! :)

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  10. I like those kitchens, too. AND I have that vase from PB. Looking at it right now. Mine is filled partially with sand, then topped with a few seashells, a starfish and a sea anemone. (Well, I do live in Huntington Beach.) I like crisp, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Very un-germy-looking.

  11. Visiting from Vanessa's- love your red door!Joined your blog. Visit me sometime at paintordig