Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stalking Savannah

A few weeks ago, I started to feel overwhelmed.  The new house, vacation, and then to add to it, my mom started pressuring me about having a real wedding, instead of elopement. 
                                          The Eliza Thompson House, Front Door (5 West Jones St)

And then, i kind of lost it.  Like crying, getting sick to my stomach, losing it.  That happens when things start going against my gut.
                                 The Hamilton Turner Inn (even more prettier in person, trust me, this picture does not do it justice).

The man stepped in, and was able to get me away for one night to Savannah.  Is there any city more southern, in a romantic sort of way, than Savannah?  
                        View down Jones street, across from Eliza Thompson House. sigh.  I could live here.

He walked all over with me, holding my hand, kissing my forehead, talking sense into me. Loving me.

                                Just dreamy....even in 100 degree weather.

He fixed my camera when the exposure got screwed up and then re-tracked to places that we had already gone so that I could snap these pics.
I want to be in a gorgeous wedding dress, photographed here....

We went to dinner at Vics on the riverfront.  Had the most amazing dinner.  Fried green tomatoes with feta cheese and this wonderful peppercorn sauce, and crab cakes that were to die for.  

                                                          Beautiful statue in the middle of the park - I think this one is Capt. Oglethorpe.

We were surrounded by live oaks, and spanish moss, and the brightest, greenest ferns I have ever seen.

I didn't want to leave.  Even with the new house waiting to be unpacked. I wanted to be selfish and have this man, and this town, and this time....just to be.  Ever felt that way?


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  1. Oh, I am so glad you got away! But man, is it hard to go back! I have never been to Savanna, but would like to live in that house with the red door. Glad your man swept you up and took you away from it all, even if it was only for one night!