Sunday, August 1, 2010

New House Sneak Peak

Hey chickies.  Guess what...I'm still unpacking boxes....SHOCKING...I know.  

But a lot has been put away ( I can see my dining room table now).  Laundry has actually found drawers to jump into....walls have been painted....AND...I shopped for groceries in my new Publix yesterday.  
New to me - the Publix has been there for about 15 years I think.  And sidenote here...for those of you in the south, does Publix rock or what?? I was wandering around lost in there yesterday and at least 3 different employees offered to help me find something - one actually told me to wait that he would go and get it because the area was mobbed (it was high traffic time being Saturday and all)  I love me some Publix. And it gives me the warm fuzzies when I watch Paula Dean pull out her Publix brand butter and slap it on the counter on her show.  Marketing geniuses they are. 

(ignore the mantle, I'll get to that next year  this week)  When will this ever end... this putting things away...and seeing absolutely no.more.boxes??  The boys get home tomorrow so i have some baking to do...and at some point, I'm hoping to drive to the other side of the world, i mean Winter Garden, to see my cousin.  .

Have you ever just bought one small thing and it makes the entire room (for you anyway)  This is exactly how i feel about her....vintage, graceful, cute...

And here is the man's favorite purchase for the new house..don't fall over, it's not a TV or anything electronic.  I know, I know.  It's this.  We got it on vacay while we were on AMI and the little girl looks exactly like his daughter when she was 5 - bow and everything. So, of course, it came home with us :)

Take care luvvies - I'll be back either tonight or tomorrow to post pics of some gorgeous eye candy in Savannah.  


  1. Sheri - Progress! Loving the way things are shaping up. Those cool blues and sandy creams sing right to my heart. What color is the blue? My home is all aquas downstairs; love it. My office upstairs is a similar blue to yours. Did you add the shells to the frames? I'm going to use that idea. Love the anna maria print; precious!

  2. Hi Rose :) I'm so glad you like it - i wasn't sure about doing cool colors - everything i see lately is tans and golds or chocolates - and i guess i just needed something a little more "ocean". The color is color matched in Behr to Freshaire's Still Moment. We tried to use Freshaire but it just didn't cover the bright yellow on the walls so we took it back and got a Behr with primer built in.

  3. Everything looks so good! I love the wall color, those frames, the canisters {totally stealing that one}! You are making some serious progress!