Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer in the S-L-O-W Lane.

Doesn't this just make you stop (we had to, else we'ld a run into them) and smile? Coming down the back road off of my parents' mountain.  Late for supper with my grandmother.  Grandmothers don't take well to granchildren, or anyone else for that matter, being late to supper.  But sometimes you are just forced to stop. wait. and smile.

What? I didn't do it. I can't help this smirk i wear so well. TRUST ME.

Grampa, can YOU sit in front - there's a huge spider in the front of the canoe.  Nate, that's not a spider, it's a spider web. Grampa, IT'S ALL THE SAME.

Please take note of this.  One COMPLETE snickers bar GONE.  Not ONE bit of chocolate on his face or fingers.  Of course, this is because water is near by and plentiful.  Had we been in the car, where he would have been forced to be neat - it would be all over him, the backseat and the radio knob.

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