Monday, August 30, 2010

The redneck family has arrived.

So, this is how you stretch a buck in our house.  We are a cheap family.  I have no problem admitting it. Being cheap in some areas has allowed us to do some things we couldn't afford in others so i'm good with it.  And i was cheap when cheap wasn't cool.  I gotz cheap skillz.

This is what our fan and porch looked like before.   Well, not before as much as during.  I forgot to take a picture of the pumpkin orange walls. Yes, not coral, pumpkin orange - as in ready for a jack-o-lantern face walls and the green avocado ceiling. Not a good look but now that i think about it, pumpkins do have stems and the ceiling is the top....anyway....where was I...oh, the you go lovelies:

You can kind of see the orange peeking out of the cream paint where we still needed to trim, but get a load of this beauty. Isn't she lovely? In her avocado green self and faux pickled oak fan blades.  Ahhhh...gorgeousness.  At least she matched her hat, i mean ceiling.

And this is her sister.  The dreaded builders light.  Yuck. Enough said.  But hey - more green and orange...woohoo! 

So this weekend we finished painting the ceiling, knocking out the trim  (buh by pumpkin!) and replaced and renewed lights and fans.  We painted the fan casing in the backyard - redneck style.  

That first pic could only be improved on if it were a car engine and in the front yard.  And spent $14 dollars on replacement blades at HD. 

and got this for our effort:

Looks like a brand new fan doesn't it?  Go ahead, scroll back up there and look at it again...i'll wait....yep...told ya - extreme makeover in can of paint.  LOVE it.

We didn't want her sister to feel left out, but there was no help for her - so off to the orphanage - i mean habitat re-store - for her.  And back to HD for this:

I am in love people.  And the best thing - it was on clearance - and we used Amex point converted to HD gift certificates so more like FREE.  Except those points are hard earned every month so it's really not free - i'd say found money is more appropriate...

and did you notice....the paint is done! Hallaluyer.  I have not decided what to do with this space yet, but in the meantime, the boys are enjoying the fruits of their labor (oh, yea, we hung the TV too.  Busy busy people this weekend!)

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  1. Well you WERE busy this weekend! That's so funny that we both got sick of our ugly fans. Thanks for popping by my blog so I could find yours. I love the transformation, and I can relate to doing projects redneck style!

  2. I love it! When I saw your post title pop up I gotta admit I wasn't quite sure what to expect...I mean, surely she wouldn't actually post a picture of family members along with that title! You are hilarious and those light/fan fixtures look TONS better! Can't wait to see how this space transforms! :-)

  3. I honestly don't know what I would do without spray paint. Your changes look very nice.


  4. You are so funny, the use of hallayuler was my favorite! Nicely done! And I am a fan of the found money - gotta take it where you can get it sista!

  5. I love it!! Great job! And by the way, I LOOOOVE Habitat's Re-Store! Always good finds :) Thanks for visiting over at Ten June!

    xo- M

  6. Hard work certainly pays off. Everything looks wonderful

  7. Well, you're about the right-smartest redneck I ever did see! Great changes and they LOOK great! Punkin orange? It must've glowed in the dark. I like DIY when it doesn't look DIY and that there fan-thingy looks darned new to me! The ceiling light is sooooo not redneck; gorgeous, Sheri!
    You get gold stars for this wonderful re-do!