Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vacation House Stalking

I know that some of you are a lot like me in the house stalking department.  No matter where I go, I look at beautiful homes and wonder what it's like to be inside. 

Some of these, like this one, we know the owner.  In this case, it is owned by my late grandfather's doctor.

This one, the property takes up an entire half a block.  I love the overall "americana" feel of the front porch.  Look at those quilted cushions.  And the flag.  How much more "Mayberry" can you get?

    This is one that my parents considered buying before they bought the house that they now live in.  Every year, the bushes seem to have overtaken more, and not in a good way either.

This is the working shed of the house above.  It doesn't "go".  I like it more than the house itself.  I find it very "cape cod".  Loving the lavender and the arbor.  It's perfection.

This house is on the historic registry, thus the white oval sign.  It doesn't give history, which would be great, just the house number and the words "historic registry" - thanks for the info, right??

    This one is now sitting empty, but is also on the registry.  The previous owners were moving out yesterday, but they left their flag i see.  That's Sarah up ahead with camera on hip.

This yellow cream puff is also on the registry, and was re-done and sold to the current owner, by a very good family friend of ours.  He does beautiful restorations.  He wasn't even done with it before he had a contract on it.

Here is his current home.  Also a restoration, a few doors down actually.  And also on the registry.  It is circa 1700 from what I understand.  It's gorgeous inside too. 

    This home is across the street. On the registry too, and those lamps on the garage are really gas lamps.  Love.

  Vance loves this one, however, it isn't my favorite.  That's not to say, of course, that I would turn it down LOL.  See that flag with the pink on it? Does anyone know what that is? We saw that same flag on a few different houses today.

I honestly think that nothing is more appealing to me than taking a walk after sunset and seeing the warm glow of lights lit from within a house.  Doesn't that just say "you're home"?  I love that amber glow.  Especially in the winter months.

These are not after sunset - but they are beautiful and welcoming all the same.  These are all on the same 2 blocks of the street my grandmother still lives on.  Each is beautiful in it's own right.  They scream "americana" to me.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. Third from the bottom. I mean, they even have bunting hanging. Love that. And yes, I love to peek in windows after dark. I love a house that keeps the curtains open with a lamp so you can really see inside. October is my favorite.

  2. My favorite is the light green house, thats the color I want redo my house in hopefully next year! Gosh, I love house stalking and window peeking after sunset, my two favorite pastimes! What lovely pictures!!!!

  3. Sheri,
    My favorite is the the 8th pic down or 3rd from bottom. Love the gables, front porch and the 2 stone pillars with the lamps on top. The color is fab also. Driving around looking at houses is one of my faorite things to do, especially in a new area!