Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pinterest is going to be my un-doing, and this is why:

This is why: See this pic? I am stalking it.  You are probably thinking "hey, it's ok, but it's not ALL that - what's all the fussin about?"  The fuss is that i can't find out what blog this came from and I want more pics people!!  I even went so far as to email the girl that originally posted it with the comment "I miss her blog posts" because I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED THAT INFO.  

No dice.  So...if YOU know, please please email me.  

ALL florida houses built in mass over the last 10 or so years have this look, and i have had the HARDEST time marrying some country into it because i felt it didn't "go".  It's ok to shake your head at me. I understand.  Oh if you only knew how i stare at the TV when "Secrets of a Stylist" comes on. 

and this is why Vance wants me to stop going there - now he has to build this for the door to our porch..... (Just kidding, he actually loves this too)

Oh, and the accessory love.  I love this.
And I'm now on the lookout for one of these for Nate's room - he is the Lego King of Orlando - I mean, how cute is this??


  1. So I saw that pin of yours and your question and I spent far too long trying to track down the answer for you. I still don't know, but I found some good blogs in the meantime.

  2. Sheri,
    I like your new banner photos! I like pinterest also, have an account but as of yet, don't really know how to do it! What does that say for me! LOL! Love all the inspiration photos that you can find on it! Good luck on running down your source!