Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Never Ending Project and How I Change My Mind a Million Times....Which is WHY the Project Never Ends.

I really am trying to blog more.  Really.  But just when I think my life is going to quiet down some...BAM....another thing.  Lately it's been the rental houses, we've had to flip renters in both houses in the last 2 months, one of which we had to evict, the other decided mid-lease to bolt.  But with both came costs - some expected, some not (eviction is not a cheap process - but it was quicker than everyone told me it would be).  And it came with a lot of hands-on, fix-it work at both places.  

Anyway - on to the stuff that has taken a back seat.  That darn hall bath.  The bowling alley, remember this?

Anyway - we have not progressed very far....except to say that the beadboard is done!  And considering what we have been doing on other projects (pool, vacation, rentals, frozen shoulder, new boss - did i even mention that??) - i'm surprised we made any headway in this room!

And that led to framing out the door with chunkier trim - this poor tract house is going to be turned into a cottage/farmhouse one way or the other LOL.

This isn't the art that i had on my design board...not even close.  But I always seem to get drawn into anything that reminds me of the low country.  I think I picked this up at Old Time Pottery for like $7 bucks.  I'm not sure it's going to stay here, but i know it's going somewhere.  I can't seem to get rid of this picture either, and as soon as i determine where it's going to go I'll let you know, but not in this spot - i don't think.  

I really hate that orange cabinet.  And now that i'm staring at the TP holder, i'm not too fond of that view either.  That's our cat, Bill Compton.  He never comes out during the day, in fact, i think i see his fur starting to singe from that light coming thru the door window.  I'm surprised he even showed up on film - seriously this cat never comes out during the day.


As you can see, the cabinet's not painted. There are no places to hang towels, which means they end up on the floor.  All the time.  I shoved them into the bathtub and closed the curtain for this picture.  I don't have a bath rug yet.  And the list goes on....

But any progress is progress, right? 


  1. Progress it is! I am loving the bead board and that it has a shelf for that great artwork! It is looking great and I say get a roller brush and paint that cabinet - blue! In the kid's bathroom I painted the cabinets a chalky blue years ago and I LOVE it. I need to show you pics.

  2. And, so life happens! I'm sure it must be difficult dealing with rentals, & I hope to never find out first-hand. That is an interesting bathroom layout. I can't wait to see what else you do with it. The beadboard is great!
    :) CAS

  3. Love the beadboard. I know how you feel about blogging more. This week I wasn't feeling well and I kept feeling guilty for not blogging much! I guess sometimes we just need a little break! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  4. The beadboard looks great! A classic that never looks dated.