Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot and Cold

I am back.  From a very long 2 week trip.
Megan - did you notice i used the word trip, not vaca, this time?  You were right.  

I'm throwing in some random vacation pics just because.  This is the sign the boys made when they built their fort at my parent's house this year.  Funny they called out new, and to go around "this way" when it's much shorter to go straight.  Reminds me of those family circus cartoon where the little boy gets sent to the store but takes the long way.  Remember those?

I'm back, and it is so hot here.  2 weeks can really play with your memory - out of sight, out of mind i guess - but i seriously don't remember it being this hot when i left.  This is just an abandoned homestead i saw when i took the long way home from the market. Apples do not fall far from the tree here.

And...I have frozen shoulder - thus the cold reference.  I can't raise my left arm, and my left shoulder is permanently raised higher than my right.  As if i'm trying to hold a phone to my ear.  I look fabulous let me tell ya.

The pain was so bad that yesterday i broke down and called my Dr begging for relief - and he provided - but now i'm on prednisone and flexirol.  Which, i understand the flexirol to be a muscle relaxant, but i guess my muscles don't know that because i don't feel any different - i even took before bed last night because he said it would make me sleepy.

Yea, not so much.

Just a random shot of mailboxes all lined up on the road my parents live on. I like it.

I am back, laundry is done and put away, and plans to see friends are in the works for the weekend.

I may have to recreate some of the family fixins we had on the 4th above.  Cold cucumber salad, Pineapple casserole (ohmygoshmywaistdisappeared), macaroni salad that i will admit was better than my own, and made by my man. Thanks honey. I will never question you again. right.

This is literally a one car pass on the way through 7 mile ford.  it freaked the kids out. I found it very...ireland-esque for some reason - does that even make sense??

Anyway, I do feel better - a lot less pain - so thank goodness for that - back to the grind now :)


  1. I was thinking that the macaroni salad looked good!

    I love your pics, especially the last one. So cool!

    Hope you feel better. Would the pool help?

  2. Ug, your shoulder situation sounds awful. Are they thinking surgery or anything? Your pics are fun. I love the mailboxes and that table of yummy looking food. All american. So glad you guys are home safe. Go relax friend.