Saturday, July 2, 2011

Having Fun Is Work.

I don't feel like we've stopped all week.  Torturing children is not all fun and games people.

The plan was Williamsburg one day, York and Jamestown the next, and then head back across the state to my mom and dad's for the rest of time.

First we had to cross the ferry.  The weather was amazing.  Look at the little one and his shades. That kid cracks me up.

I know i am behind on my blogging...but here are some shots of our trip to Shirley Plantation. As the kids said, the property was WAY BETTER than the house.  I have to agree.   Not that i could show you pics of the inside anyway  because photography was prohibited.   So...enjoy the grounds.

Here is the house.  Note, when you are yelling  asking your family to come gather for a family picture - remove the camera from your husband's hands.  Otherwise you will get a picture of yourself lecturing said family to get their arses in gear.

can you imagine having this as your front porch, overlooking the James River??

   This is what we voted the best place on the property - the grape arbor - i can just picture wedding photography done here

   The family pic...finally they listened.  Good family. 



  1. How fun! I'm laughing at the photo that your husband took. My husband has me on video on our vacation this summer trying to get my little ones to pose for a photo. Needless to say, they wouldn't cooperate, like most kiddos. We've been to Virginia several times but never to Williamsburg. That porch and arbor--Swoon! The last family photo is great!

  2. There are vacations and then there are trips. You, my dear, are on a trip and they are hard work. For shiz. But you guys look amazing, I mean...what a good looking all American family! Who in the world took the picture is what I want to know?

    Good luck on the rest of the journey. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and drink lots of wine.