Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This was going to be called "Misc Monday" but it's Tuesday...so call it what you want

We were a busy household this weekend.

I had grand plans, and you know what they say about the best laid plans? WRITE THEM OUT CLEARLY FOR THE HUSBAND AND PUT THEM BESIDE THE REMOTE.

haha. i'm funny today.

So here is my list of misc crap:

Ok, so i stumbled upon this very cute blog where i became very intrigued with this Shaklee stuff.
I read some of her reviews from others that just went on and on and on about how great it was...but honestly, that's not what convinced me.  

This.  This is what convinced me try it.  Seriously.  The woman has NOTHING under her sink.  She's got a few spray bottles for the concentrated solution that cleans most everything, and her dish soap and the stove cleaner in that tub. THAT'S IT.  

So, i ordered online, mainly because i got lost on the www and then couldn't find my way back to her blog for days - which btw, makes me feel bad for her because she was the sole reason i ordered.

Anyway....guess what FINALLY came? And trust me when i say this took so long to get here that it almost missed it's window of opportunity.  These cleaning waves don't come along very often.   Just sayin.

I ordered the stovetop paste called Scour Off and because i needed laundry detergent anyway, i ordered that.  Look how small that bottle is.  Says it replaces my Tide large bottle.  Interesting.  And sorry for the blur.  That's after a lot of coffee this morning.
 I'm going to test it on this.... see that faint yellow ring - around the outer edge? CAN.NOT.GET.IT.TO.GO.AWAY.  So, we'll put this on and report back this week.  Fingers crossed.
And I'm not sure you can see this...but see that dull spot in the lower right down there? That's not camera issues - it's really something that refuses to come off.  So, like i said, here's hoping.

Now, it wouldn't be misc Monday or call it whatever you want Tuesday if i stayed on topic - and who am i to disappoint - so...here was MY personal project this past weekend.  Re-paint the breakfast nook set.  It's been beaten up pretty badly.  The paint was coming off in chunks on the chairs..

And, this lovely picture is the result of me setting pizza boxes down on the table with hot pizzas inside.  Large white skid marks. Lovely.  And it's stuff like this that makes me want to throw myself down on the floor and scream....but i don't.   I lock myself in my bathroom and drink instead.  And those aren't crumbs.  Those are yet more knicks in the paint. 

 So...in case you're new here, let me tell you something. I am lazy.  LIKE REALLY REALLY LAZY.  And if i'm working on something that very well may end up in the trash ANYWAY...let's just say i'm not putting a whole lot of effort into it.  So, having said that, do you honestly think i sanded the darn thing? HAHAHAHAHA. Meh. Seriously, no.

I put this on and trusted it to do what it said. 

So, this lazy thing also applied not only to the prep piece, but also the painting itself.  I know oil works best for almost anything that's going to take a beating - but that lazy gene kicked in and i didn't want to work that hard. Oil takes patience. Oil takes a lot of patience.  I ain't got that. So, I asked the HD guy what paint he would use on a throw-away piece of furniture that was going to take abuse from a gaggle of kids.  He said floor paint.  I said excuse me? He said it again. Floor paint.  I said, can you make it a color? He said sure. I said sold.  and that got us to this...

No idea if it's going to hold up.  We'll see.  It's been curing since Sunday, and i tried to put on a clear coat but it repelled.  Vance shook his head at me when i looked all confused and said - IT'S FLOOR PAINT, IT'S GOING TO REPEL WATER. oh.  So, i have no idea what, if anything, i'm going to add to this - either paste wax or a glass round or nothing.  Right now, it's got crime scene tape around it so the criminals stay away from it until i figure it out.

And that wasn't the only project going on...here is a wonderful view at what's going on in my master bath right now.  This is the man project.  It involves circular saws, drills and paint. And it doesn't seem to bother HIM half as much as it bothers ME to step over this to get in and out of the shower.

Good times, people, good times.


  1. Sheri, you always crack me up! I love your honesty and I especially love it when people are willing to share the messes of life. We can't just always show the good stuff here in blogland! We have to show the real life things too! I felt very lazy today and didn't get the project done that I had wanted to but my kids are clothed and fed so I guess that counts for something, right? :-)

  2. You make me laugh. Pure comedy, girlie.