Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Most boring post ever.

Sorry.   Maybe it's not.  But i told you yesterday that i was trying the Shaklee Scour Off paste - and, oh my word.  For a very brief period, i enjoyed cleaning.  It smells like cherry gum to me and i love that.  Not bleach, not chemicals, cherry gum.

Here is the stove top after - look how shiny!

And, i didn't stop there...I ran to my shower while i still had the urge.  Actually, i was bored. Election coverage, thus no good TV to distract me....but took all the shower soap scum away.  SHINY.  And i used it on the surround and glass (on left)  - and all the hard water deposits came off. But i kept getting a hankering for cherry gum.

It felt so good to clean with something that wasn't harsh on your family, and yet still worked. That's been the main reason why i haven't caved to these organic, "safe" cleaners before.  They didn't work. 

After my little cleaning frenzy, i went online and ordered the surface cleaner and the germ bacterial cleaner.  (i know, i'm on a roll here. Someone stop me before i start darning socks or something silly like that). 

This is how i ended my night.  This candle is only $5 at Walmart and it's so CLEAN smelling.  It out-scents the Williams-Sonoma kitchen candle that i paid $25 for.  Won't be doing that again. And i'm tempted to take it back and ask for money back. Can you do that? Return a burned candle?

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