Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The entry's not quite there yet

But close.  So close it's making me nuts.  It's the rug thing that i just can't get right.   But V built the Heather Chadduck shelf ledge.  Sarah painted the ledge.   We attempted to put the hooks on but realized they were too tall for the piece - so it's back to finding vintage hooks that go more out than up.

My VF Megan over there on the sidebar is telling me i must go to HL - so hopefully next week i can get there.  If i don't get eaten by mosquitoes and sand hill cranes at the scouts campout this weekend.  If i don't post by Monday - someone please send a search party (with a Starbucks in hand).

I also got some great roman shades for a steal. They were probably a steal because they are abnormally HUGE.  Which means i have to perform surgery on them to make them fit. 

So, while i can't get my act together quickly enough to product pictures of my OWN house - i'll post some favorites i've saved.  

Oh...and it's pure randomness.  Obviously.  No tie in whatsoever to this post.  Don't you love me sometimes?  The closest tie in is the middle one is Heather Chadduck again i think.

I think all images are from www.myhomeideas.com but don't quote me. 

 Have a great night y'all :) Off to finish watching Parenthood...


  1. I love your posts. They make me smile (errr....in a good way!!).

    So....how was Anthro...????

  2. I thought I was your VBFF? Love the pics. And I am totally into Parenthood now. I was a maybe at the beginning, but now I'm all in. I heart Crosby. Is that weird? And we are all staying put next week and not going to Sissy's. I'm sad, but it's the right thing to do. Just in case you were wondering.

  3. I <3 me some Megan - you ARE my VBFF!!

    I am waiting for the Baldwin boy to show his true colors to Sarah. Just a matter of time. I felt so bad for Kristina last night - wanting so much for son to be accepted. I started crying on the couch. I obviously need to change birth control pills or bring out the costco crate of tissues when this comes on.

    When do you leave for the hospital - surgery is at 4?? is he staying overnight? are you going to atlanta at christmas now? Staying home is the right thing to - bummer though.

  4. Parenthood? I've not seen that. I'll have to find out about it!

    Okay, now I've just seen I;ve left a comment on this post before. Apperently, I've officially become your stalker!!