Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stuck in the middle of Heather, Sarah and Ralph. I wish they would stop fighting already. It's exhausting.

Somewhere between here...
   Heather Chadduck.

and here...
    Sarah Richardson my idea of the perfect entry. 

Unfortunately, this is what i have to work with:

Here is shot i took earlier in the day.  What i'm sure of staying is the furniture...what i'm undecided on are the prints.  They are V's, and while i really kind of like them, and am leaning toward a 'collected look' - i'm not sure i can make it all work.  He had a RL traditional man-cave/den look going on in his house which i liked but I want to add a little more rustic character, and de-formalize a little.
The entry space is small. Probably too small for an entry table - as the door swings all the way to that outlet you see in the wall.  And as much i would love a small entry table that i could pretty up during the holidays, i'm afraid it will look forced.

So, i'm thinking i could do something like the coat rack - ledge that Heather Chadduck did in the first pic.  Is it too casual, you think?  I am also really really considering painting the inside of those doors.  I know this, it can't make it worse.  Good grief, how boring can doors be already?But what color?  

I don't need inspiration, i think i need to make a decision - but i need help! Feel free to chime in.  Linking to my girl Vanessa for her Inspiration Fridays Party - come join us :)


  1. Well, the HC pic you have posted I ripped out years ago from some magazine and I still hold onto it. I love it too...the hooks and photos and the bench, the warm colors. I think you could do a little bench / hook thing too or a skinny table with a cozy lamp. I like the idea of painting the doors to warm it up, you could also hang some roman shades with a cute print from the inside for a punch and some privacy. I think once you put some stuff out there {love the colors and the rug in the 2nd pic} then maybe the white doors won't bug you as much. I like V's stuff and think that with your touch it will soar. And that piano is amazing by the way. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Well Sheri, if it helps, your entry is bigger than mine. I love the inspiration photos and think your idea of a coat tree would work. I also love umbrella stands. Maybe an umbrella stand with a long mirror behind it like in the Sarah Richardson photo? They are actually more pretty than functional, but hey. Also, are you planning to put a rug in the entry? that could add a little something. Just a thought.


  3. I agree that a rug will make a huge difference. A coat tree or pretty mirror could be great, too. Your space is lovely, can't wait to see how you finish it up!

  4. Hey girl! Ummmm... can I just tell you how excited I was to see INSIDE your house some more? :-) I love your furniture and I think your entry has great potential! I see breaking up the prints with some other architectural elements and definitely some kind of narrow table or bench in your entry. The nice thing about a table is that you have a spot to display seasonal decor. And I agree with the other gals that a rug will help for sure! You will make it beautiful whatever you end up doing! :-)

  5. Ditto on the rug idea! Would a narrow console table work with baskets underneath for storage and accessorizing? Can you still open the door? I like the idea of the wall shelf with hooks too. Good luck, can't wait to see the outcome!

  6. I loooove Sarah's room, and think a red door would be fab! G'luck with it! ps, just go for it; if you hate it, you can always paint it back!

  7. Your entry has so much potential. As others have said, a nice colorful rug would be great, but don't go skimpy on the size. Also, depending on which door you use all the time, you could go with a very skinny console table or a wall-mounted shelf. I love hall (or coat) trees, but not to actually hang coats on because that gets too messy. You could hang some interesting seasonal decor items &/or the very large decorative tassels or a very pretty-handled umbrella or cane. Love the idea of painting the inside of the doors, too. Good luck.

  8. can't wait to see what you do with your entry!

    I think the first picture would be a great place to that chunky coat rack with all the pictures above it.....

  9. OHmygoodness, I have to say ... I saw your first inspiration picture some time ago (don't remember where), and I etched it in my memory as inspiration for my mud room! When you have a moment, you'll have to check out my mud room makeover at Inspiration Friday (thumbnail #45) to see how I tried to imitate that picture wall and coat rack. So ironic! Having said that, I could totally see you doing something similar to the same inspiration picture right as you enter your house (on the left wall). You've definitely got the room for a narrow bench, chunky coat rack and shelf. I can't wait to see what you do. Take care, Becca

  10. Sheri, I like that you want to do a collection of wall art, so to help achieve the look I think you're after, I think adding in some architectural items, sconces, mirrors, etc. could help get you there. :-)
    Your sofa appears to be placed very close to the entryway. Is this the only space you can utilize for its placement? What is the main focal point of the room? If you 'd like to send me a floor plan of the hallway and your living room, I'd be willing to help you out with w/any ideas. Let me know- I can work free for bloggy friends! ♥
    ~ Sue