Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mothers and their opinions....and a before shot of the bathroom

Mother:  "When did you decide to stop cutting your hair?"

Me:  "I didn't stop cutting it.  I'm letting it grow out."
Mother: "Did Vance tell you to do that?"
Me: "No...I made the decision all by my 41 year old self"
Mother: " makes your 41 year old self look older than 41."
Me: sigh.

I so wish I was making that scene up. 

Anyway...on to other things that she can critique later - like my bathroom reno that needs to get underway.

Here is what i affectionately call the bowling alley.  It feels that way to me - with that long expanse of wall on the left.

Sadly, this is not the true's just ugly still.  The true before would have shown you lemon yellow walls but fortunately for YOU my computer crashed awhile back and took that unpleasantness with it.  This is the after where i couldn't decide on a paint color and slapped the family room paint on it - which of course - is blue.

Let's break down this sad bath..

I know. I know.  You're thinking I'm a design diva. I can't even type that with a straight face.  


There are a few things that i'm ok with in here.  The mirror.  And the dark hamper. Oh, and that vanity tray with the goodies on top.  That's about it.  And you really can't even tell what the hamper looks like but trust me, it's all PB knock off cute from Target.

Everything else gives me a headache. It's a hodgepodge of mixing houses together and forcing things in there and nothing matches and i hate it.  HATE IT.  Hate the lamp, hate the soap canister, hate the candle, hate the shower curtain. hate the orange cabinet. hate the ...well you get the idea. And i have no clue what to do.  Seriously.  

I just know it needs to be crisp, clean,   I have become smitten with crisp.  Like these.

                                             from Maillardville Manor
                        RMS - love this. A lot.

And then, there's my Heather Chadduck bath...but i'm realizing that i'm already over the map thing.  And I'm thinking it's little too rustic now.

And there was a time not too long ago when we bought this...and this was supposed to be the jumping off point for the colors all through the house. And this ain't goin' away. I love it. It's over my tub and I realized that i kept straying away from it because i was trying to make all the old stuff work.  And it's not going to. So it's all going away. All the burgundy, olive, dark stuff - gone.

New House.
New Marriage.
New Look.

as cheaply as i can get by with it. ahem. and as long as i can hide the evidence, i mean receipts, we should be good.


  1. First of all, you make me laugh. I get you. I like the mirror and I really like the wall color. So paint those cabinets white and add on some cute Anthro knobs. Why not add some white wainscotting {sp?} to the long wall? I like the hamper too, it compliments the mirror. For art you could add more prints by Jesse Wilcox Smith, who painted your little girl at the beach print. He also painted the child reading in the window that I have on my sidebar. Throw up some hooks instead of a towel bar {maybe your son did you a favor}. Grab some glass canisters from Homegoods, throw some shells, cotton balls, etc in them and then post lots of pics because it's gonna be fab!

  2. And that is why you're my vbff. 'nuff said. xoxo.

  3. Ok...I seriously love your new header!! And, I completely relate about having a mom with strong opinions about your hair...last time I got my hair cut my stylist said, "I think your mom will like this"...wish I was joking! ANYWAY, I think that bathroom has tons of potential and I could totally see some beadboard on the bottom with a light color on top. I agree with Megan too that the cabinet painted white would do wonders. I know whatever you do it will be fantastic and lovely and I'm sure we will get to laugh along in the process! :-)

  4. Too funny ,guess what I am turning into my mother so be warned it could happen to you too!
    My mother doesn't give opinions MUCH! she just says in that way 'I am sure you know what you are doing' nuff said and I am 46 years old ,I so want to stamp my foot right now.
    anyway I love all the bathrooms especially the paimted wood trim!