Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Fireplace Is Finished! And yes, there are pics!

It's taken FORFREAKINEVER...but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  My poor man.  He has been to Lowes so many times over the last month that they offered him a job.  Just kidding.  On the job part.  

It's not that this project was overly problematic - it's more that we had several projects going on at once.  This is just one of them. And we actually have real jobs that pay us and want us to show up on Mondays and work until 5. So there was constant stopping and starting.  And little boys who have winter football and spring baseball that are overlapping.

Oh..and my parents.  They're still here. want to see the goods, right? are some before shots.  But....because we don't have it together enough to take a decent before pic and the realtor pic of this fireplace was lost when my laptop crashed...i had to make do with a pic from christmas morning.  Yes, morning.  I know it's dark outside the windows. That's how we roll here - up and at 'em at 6am.  Yessirree bob. 

I know, this picture is really not a great before. Here is better closeup.  Also, make a note ladies that when you ask your husband to take a picture of something, anything, make sure he understands what the subject is.  In this case, it was not the TV as one would think.  It's of that absolutely stunning tile. 

 Here is the look i was going for....RMS inspiration...

 And now that you've waited almost as long reading thru this post as it did to do the darn is where we are trimmed out, fireplace mantle and surround built, new tile inset and hearth and bookshelf builtins.

As you can see, we still have some things to finish up (like the blue painters tape isn't really the look i was going for there)  but i really wanted to show off what Vance and my dad have done because it's so pretty.  There were some things that i wanted that weren't in the inspiration pic - and i think the men in my life pulled it off quite well. The room isn't big enough for free standing furniture pieces to house the electronics and i have absolutely nowhere to store books so i asked them to create a built in space beneath the windows and it came out great i think.  

Originally, i wanted to do the mosaic surround like in my inspiration pic, but my stepdaughter, being the design diva that she is, suggested i go with something more timeless and i think she was spot on.  Love the travertine inset and hearth.

The trim needs to painted - right now you're looking at only primer on everything. And we need to redo the orange peel on the sides of the fireplace where we had to replace the drywall after tearing off the tile.  But we are nearing the finish line and i'm so glad. 

Hope you like it!

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  1. Love the fireplace - and the wood work around the windows is fab.

  2. This really looks great! I think you have done a wonderful job of keeping with the inspiration. My husband and I are planning to add a fireplace very similar to yours in the Fall. Bravo to a job well done!

    Amy R.

  3. Sheri!!! This is stunning! Gorgeous! I mean, you guys really are knocking it out of the park here! Can you tell how impressed I am? LOL! I think you did an absolutely amazing job and I love how custom it all looks now. I hope you are going to share this at the Inspiration Friday party this week! :-)

  4. Wow, so beautiful! I can see the influences from the inspiration pic, but love that it's your own! The built-ins are wonderful! You are one talented family! You may have some final touches, but it looks great from here! {And have I told you how much I love your couches, coffee table and blue walls?!}

  5. I'm over from Shabby Chic Cottage! Wow, what a difference, looks amazing!!! I love all the moulding around the windows!! ~Lindsay

  6. Love what you have done! Thanks for stopping by my blog today...just realized that we live like 10 minutes from each other! Small world!

  7. You did a great job! Those TV cables would have driven me crazy. It really looks like a "TV show" redo. I especially love the baby blue and white trim. Adding the wood surrounds really stepped up the room. It looks MUCH more expensive now. I think you accomplished the main goal. The accessories can be added as you can. The basic stuff is great and such a transformation!

  8. Hi there, first time stopping by your blog. What and amazing transformation. That RMS picture is stunning!!! Great job.

  9. WOW! That is so different....Does not even look like the same room! That change made such a difference!