Monday, January 31, 2011

You Really Like Blue, huh?

So, i have been promised that I will be able to take pictures of the completed (yes, i said completed) family room fireplace project by this weekend.  I have my doubts.  

While we're talking about the family room, some friends of ours came down and stayed with us over the weekend, and I saw the wife eyeing my family room walls.  I thought perhaps she was taking in all the construction around the fireplace windows...but no.  She took a long look at the wall and turned to me and said " you really like blue?" 

I wasn't exactly sure how to take that.

I mean, uh, yea, i do.  Thus my blue kitchen and family room.  So then i started thinking about how it wasn't the right blue and how worse my walls must really be...and so it goes.  And by " it goes.." I mean I got in my car and drove to HD and got some more paint swatches.  I have not however broken the news to Vance.  I can't risk the bathroom not getting done so i'm going to just keep the paint thing quiet for a few more days.

I did try and find some cute bathrooms but i have found nothing that really wows me - except for this one...she's a beauty.  Oh...and she's blue. So there.

This is from HGTV RMS.  Where do all of you go for inspiration? I would love some new sites to pick through...please share.


  1. Okay, the thing I love the most about what I have seen of your house is the blue! I love it with your slipcovered sofas and all of your white touches. That is you, and I love it! Please don't change the color! Hold true to yourself, others be damned! And yes, that bathroom is lovely and I especially heart that ledge with the starfish - so YOU!

    Can't wait to see the reveal of the fireplace wall!!!!

  2. Your home is an extension of you ,and so the only people that have to like it are the ones who live there ,having said that i loe blue!