Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some days you need someone to say it.


I mean, we get up. Get coffee started.  Get dressed.  Get the kids up. Get THEM dressed.  Get breakfast. Find homework. Wake the man.  Get his coffee poured.  Say to the kids...brushyourteethputonyourshoeswheresyourhomeworkdoyouhavepracticeafterschool?????

And then they're out of the house and you sit down and realize...

your coffee's cold

you didn't brush your teeth

the sweater you put on is inside out.

you haven't brushed your hair

.....and if you want to be perfectly honest with yourself you can't remember if you showered yesterday.

It's nice to be told...that's all i'm sayin'.

Be careful out there.


  1. LOL! Yup, it's nice to be told, it's nice to be greeted, to be hugged, to be made to feel special. My routine's much different since I live alone. No little ones to dress or feed, no little voices saying "Bye, Mom! Love you!" No man to pour coffee for. I'm very content, though, nonetheless. But I think that all those around you--looking for shoes, drinking the coffee you poured, hunting for homework--are all saying "Good morning, Gorgeous!" just by their presence in your life. And I'm sure you--Miss Big Heart--probably agree. Good morning, Gorgeous!

  2. Ok, I think blogger ate my if this is a repeat, just ignore me. But I LOVE this post sooo much and I love your coffee mug too! :)

    Adorable. And yes. Somedays you just need to hear it!