Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sometimes opportunities just present themselves.

Last Saturday a bunch of us in the 'hood got together for a  grown-up Valentine's dinner.  

We all got sitters and made our way to the upper west side - code for the other side of the pond that divides our neighborhood - and on our walk down the street, what did we come across?

A toilet.  

At the end of one of our neighbor's driveway.  Just sitting there.  All by itself.  Minding it's own business.  Waiting on Monday's trash run.

Now, throw in some cocktails, much conversation about the toilet, some potty humor by our men-children and some attendance taking of who skipped the dinner...and what do you think happened next?

The men-children left the party at midnight and ran back and picked up the toilet and placed it here - in front of our other neighbor's house that didn't show for dinner.

And what you can't see (because i took this pic all the way from the end of my driveway the morning after,  before Tom got up to get his paper and find this obnoxious prank on his sidewalk) is the note that the boys, i mean men, left.

"Shitta came to dinner"

They never grow up - do they?


  1. hahahaha!! that is a GOOD one! hee hee.

    fancy house! yowza!

  2. That is hilarious! Your men have such great senses of humor!

  3. What fun! That's totally hilarious! I love men and their child-humor!

  4. That is absolutely hilarious!!!!

  5. I am impressed by their creativity.