Thursday, January 20, 2011

Total Randomness

I complained about the number on the scale yesterday....and then had Del Taco for dinner.  I am my own worst enemy.  I should have been eating this instead... this is a great summer salad i found here.  We made it about 10 times last summer and changed it up every time.  It's awesome.

We have had a handful of chamber of commerce days here with weather in the 70's...thank the heavens...because i am OVER using a space eater to warm my feet during work.  I would much rather put my toes here....on Anna Maria Island.

My living room still looks like a tornado went through.  The bookshelves are halfway there but i have a ladder and toolbox and paint and and and....and was told by my dear man that i needed to just change rooms if it bothered me that bad.  and to be quiet.  ok....maybe i will be quiet and l just start planning my summer reading list instead of nagging.  This was last year's bag - i didn't really dig Wendy Holden choices for this year.  Still working on it...suggestions?

And even though we are in save mode around here...but am still looking forward to this...lazy afternoons on Rod and Reel Pier waiting for fried fish sandwiches and sweet tea.  Ignore my little one's face - he HATES to be still (but adores her...promise...and she lives to torment

And then Tracy posted this...and now i want one.  Isn't it awesome?  She is super talented.

Go poke around her blog - she has the cutest pics.

See...totally random.


  1. I love random. That pasta salad looks yum and I am interested to see what you come up with for your reading list. I am working on mine too. That Tracy is one talented gal!

  2. Love the look of that Pasta salad ,can you please post the recipe!

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  4. Love random, too! Great pic of the beach, of the crab painting, the kids, the pasta salad. Thanks for including the link.
    Lemme see ... my latest readings were 100 Years of Solitude (Gabriel Garcia Marquez; magical realism style, if you like that); Island Beneath the Sea (Isabel Allende; loved it); Paula (Allende; interesting). I'm currently reading The Lacuna (Barbara Kingsolver; starting out slowly and I'm trying to change my brain over from Allende). Please share any books that you recommend, Sheri!

  5. oh sheri. this is so funny! I clicked on the link to that pasta cuz I thought it looked so good and I was going to print the recipe! :) I guess I already have it. hee hee. I'm going to check out the blog now! That sign is so darling!