Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Inspiration Files Strike Again.

January is a tough month for me. 
  • We come off of the holidays and slide right into
    • baseball tryouts - 1st week of Jan
    • winter football - 1st week of Jan
    • hubs bday - 2nd week
    • oldest son's bday - 3rd week
    • statewide camping, scouts (which got canceled - HALLELUJAH) 3rd week  
    • and because of all this STUFF, i don't get much time to myself.  unless i want to stay up until 2 am. and even if i wanted to, i couldn't. i'm an early bird, not a nigh owl.
  • Days are still way too short - and i have a thing about needing sunlight on a regular basis
  • Tornado season starts.  Yes, we really have a tornado season - and it scares me more than hurricane season.  And today, our weather radio went off way too much.

Anyway...for some reason - the dark crunch days of January make me want to lighten up the house.  Add color.  Get organized and rid the house of all unnecessary things.  (you should have seen what i took out of our master bedroom closet over the weekend).  

I long for super tall windows...and fresh tulips...

A gorgeous bed beside beautiful corner windows.  I see trees out those windows, let's just pretend it's the ocean...

I am in love with everything in this next picture.  Especially the gray blue paint.

and this..still loving that black interior door...and those bamboo blinds...not really digging that table behind the sofa though. forgiven on that.

Happy Tuesday, almost Wednesday....halfway to the weekend guys....



  1. Great images! You have a very busy month. It's tough to keep up with a schedule like that. Remember to sneak in a little time for yourself (if possible!). I like that blue/gray paint a lot! Very pretty!

  2. You have tornado season? We have plenty here in Texas, but they don't scare me. I have never, ever taken cover. I think they have cyclones where I am going. That scares me. Love the pics.

  3. Beautiful images. Yes to tall windows with light filled rooms.


  4. Hey! January is so wierd! I want to do a blog gathering in WP ...I know 4 or so local bloggers...you interested? e-mail me farrell4t@yahoo.com....:)

  5. Just checking n to see what you're up to and I LOVE the header. Beauty baby!