Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello Luvah....

One more day, and February is here.  I can't believe one month is in the books for 2011 already. It seems unreal that we've knocked one month out.

     Found on etsy by modernprariedesigns

That means it's only 2 weeks until Valentine's day.  Are you ready?  Do you have anything fun planned?  I try and do some special things for all of my boys every year and this year is only different by the fact that I'm actually planning more than a few days ahead. 

We'll do Valentine's day twice, since they will be with their dad on Valentine's this year. They will probably ask for spaghetti and garlic bread again - which is fine by me, easy peasy.  But for the grown up dinner, if it's cold, Vance will want comfort food.  Right now, i'm leaning toward this casserole with roasted chicken, gruyere cheese, shiitake mushrooms and spinach.  Recipe from Coastal Living here.

On a side looks like our hall bath will be getting a slight update sooner than later.  Walker accidentally pulled the towel bar out of the drywall over the weekend leaving a gaping hole and broken ceramic pieces.  Awesome.  Because i don't have enough going on.  So...i'm off to houzz to view bathrooms for some ideas. - night all.


  1. That dish sounds yum. I love Gruyere (although it really stinks!).

  2. that recipe sounds so delicious. I haven't decided what we're doing for valentine's yet but I think I will probably cook this year.

    We need to do our bathroom soon before our tub falls through the floor... Working it into the budget...

  3. Oh ya, Valentines Day...note to self...

    We have two bathrooms that need a little work. Okay, a lot. One needs completely gutted. A project for when we come home. Can't wait to see your updates!

  4. Oh that casserole looks so yummy! Perfect for a cozy evening together. :-) I'm loving your new header by the way!