Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What our life is about right now...

A little of this....

and some of that...

and just because i want you to feel better about your house... a TON of this...

uhm...yea. This is what moving is like in our house.  Did you catch the 3 bottles of syrup on top of the one stack of boxes in the middle picture? Just.not.normal people.  I really have to start checking the pantry before i run to Publix.  

Yes, that is a tiara wand on my bathtub. No i don't have small girls in the house. It is mine.  Yes, i can explain. It was a gift to go with my tiara. Of course.  

And one fake boob also laying on the tub. I did have two.  It's part of those falsie things that you can use in place of a bra that stick to you skin so if you have a backless dress it holds the girls up and in place. Keepin it classy.  While keeping my diet coke in arm's reach.  

I'll be back soon...pray for my sanity.  I'm moving 3 cats, 2 boys, 1 teenager/adult and one man and i'm barely keeping it together.  As the bathroom pictures suggests.  Just sayin. 


  1. Oh honey, I am feeling for you and sending many prayers your way. Moving is quite possibly the worst experience and I hope to never, EVER do it again. Not until they wheel me to the senior center against my will someday. Just start throwing stuff in boxes or cars. It will all end up just may not find it for awhile. Better pack that tiara & wand separately though. Godspeed.

  2. I want to know where I can get some fake boobs and how big do they make them? Sit on the couch and use your wand to point where you want the boys and the man to put things......And keep a smile on your face the whole time!