Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The next big project...a blank slate for Inspired Fridays

Before i get to what that is, can i just say that it's beyond absurd how happy i am that i actually get to go outside today? 

Like, walk out the door and get in a car and go somewhere? I've been like a caged animal in this townhouse.  

Vance is out of town, the boys are at their dad's, and i was looking forward to some pool time.  

Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not agree with my plans.  Everyday, after work, precisely at 5:05 the sky has let out and squashed my plans.  There is no screened porch here so i can't even fake a good outside spell. CAGED ANIMAL.  

But i'm going to get my hair highlighted after work come heck or high water. And the high water will probably come.  but i'm still going outside. dangit.

OK. where was i?? OH! The project.  Here she is :)  

Meet Willow.  Our new-to-us house. If we ever close, but that's a post for a different day.  

We named her Willow because Willow is in the street name, and well, i like it and she needed a name.

There is LOTS to be done. There always is. New or old. She's not new, she's young. 11 years old i think.  and we have some repairs to do.  But that's ok.  She was great value for the money.  

Here are the pics mostly from the realtor site.
This is the view walking in the front door. Like I said, a lot of work :)  They closed in the porch - so we have to improve that "improvement" by taking it back to being a porch.  And i'm not sure about those scrolly things.  Makes me think of spider webs. And that isn't light affecting the floor - those are really 3 different floor tiles all in one space.  Continuity was not the previous owner's concern i guess. To each his own. LOL.

Here is the  I have a galley kitchen now - so i feel like won the jackpot here.

I have big plans for this space ;0)...  this is the master bath...again, big plans people, big plans. Love those hollywood makeup lights.  Great for playing dress up. Wait, i think that came out wrong.

but the biggest reason we decided on this house?....this....
yea. me too. 400 acres of a private lake for our subdivision.  This place rocks.  

Linking to Melissa over at the Inspired Room for Inspired Fridays :)


  1. what a lovely spot to live! You are so lucky to even have the chance to lay in the sun. We remain in the 60s every day.

  2. Lissa - that was so sweet of you to stop by - want to know a secret? I have saved SO MANY of your pics as inspiration for this blank slate - i would LOVE to have your input :)

  3. I found your blog through your entry in the "What's your style in one picture" challenge and after my first introduction into the blog world, I must say that your were the final one I read before I went and created my own. What you've shared throughout your blog (I didn't go too far back) seems so real and honest and fresh that I couldn't help but be tempted to try myself. It seems odd to say this to a complete stranger, but Congrats on your new house and good luck! Thanks for sharing your life...