Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm going to a party - wanna come?

I'm heading over to Cottage and Vine's Five Favorites linky party today.  We're supposed to show off the 5 make up items we can't do without. So, here we go...  ( I know, you're dying to know how i get so beautiful normal looking, when i start out looking like Bill the Cat when i wake up, right?) 

Before:                                                      After:

No, seriously, i do look that bad when i get up.  No, that's not Cameron Diaz, that's me - but how very sweet of you to notice we DO look alike!  GAAH. fine. that's not me. But she has great hair and cheekbones.

Well, first - right out of the shower i reach straight for this:  I have used every expensive thing out there people. I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm vain. Yes, it's a sin. I ask for forgiveness every day. But they will have to pry this out of my cold.dead.hands. LOVE THIS STUFF

After i spackle my face, it's on to paint.

Another wondrous invention of some chemistry geek that i was too stupid to pay attention to in high school and is now super rich (or should be because this stuff RAWKS) is this:

It has light reflecting pieces in there that settle into your fine lines and reflect back so it APPEARS you have less lines. Yea, not giving this up either.  (Cold.dead.fingers.)

The eyes. I hardly ever (NEVER) wear eyeshadow, but i don't leave the house without mascara.  This makes my miniscule, limp eyelashes a mile long and doesn't cake. Unless it gets old. Then you need to ask yourself why're holding on to it in the first place. Toss it when you start to look like your wearing tarantulas on your eyelids. Not a good look.  Unless you happen to be going to a halloween party maybe.

Now this is where i run out of money and resort to drug store stuff. Ok, not really. But everything doesn't have to come from a department store to be good.  Hence, this stuff.  I never never never EVER use salon grade products. Did i say EVER?  My baby fine hair needs whatever this PANTENE line puts in their cheap
inexpensive volumizing line.  I use everything and my hair looks amazing, if i do say so myself.  See pic above.

And while i'm there - i pick up this stuff. Suns not good for you, have you heard? Sigh. What's a native floridian to do if not lounge at the beach and soak up some rays?  We use blush as bronzers.  This works like a charm and looks like i spent just enough time in the sun to be a little sun-kissed.  In petal. Just awesome blossom.


  1. Wonderful, and funny post!!~ I like the spray stuff, may have to check that out.....after living in South Florida for nine years...the sun takes a toll.

  2. You are too funny! The light went off when you pointed out the we didn't marry the nerds. I always promote nerds at our house because they usually are the cool ones when they grow up ;^)

    Cute post and thanks so much for linking today!


  3. So not only are you gorgeous but funny too. I'm all over that Estee product. Thanks for the heads up and thanks for the chuckles.

  4. Love your post! So funny for me this morning!! You can't beat Oil of Olay products for sure! I haven't tried all of them but the few I have are great!

  5. Estee Lauder, here I come. Wish I'd paid attention in physics; who knew light refraction had such a practical purpose?

  6. Thanks for your comment today. I love Cottage and Vine, too! Estee L. is my fave :)