Friday, May 28, 2010

Inspired by the sun

What is happier than this? Doesn't she look like she's looking up at God and just welcoming the day? I love the way the face tilts toward the sun.

I had to get in between the corn and the sunflowers to get this picture - but it's so worth it - seeing the dew on her face.  I don't know why I keep calling this one a "her" - it just seems fitting to me.

i love this one bending through my tomato cages.

this one makes my heart sing...  it makes me think she's covering her eyes, not wanting to wake up....

Here's a baby...

and this one, I think this one is a boy sunflower, standing at attention...

I love the way they stand guarding my garden.

Yes, i know it needs to be weeded, and yes, the squash is out of control. and no, the corn did not fair so well this year...but it did give me this...

If this move goes through, this is what I'll miss the most.  This little patch of land, on a dirt road, in the middle of the city. It's given me so much to appreciate the past 4 years.  I've loved it here.

It inspired me to keep.going.  even when i thought i couldn't.  Thank you home. Thank you garden.

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  1. I love the one bending down through the tomato cages!

  2. Definitely a 'her!'

    -Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points

  3. Gorgeous! Especially the about to open one!


  4. Stunning. I love the first one and the closed one.

  5. What wonderful sunflowers. Just lovely.

  6. great pictures... love the first one, dripping in dew-the perspective is great!
    { main blog}

  7. My fav shot is the one of it closed up. :)

  8. I just love your blog!

  9. Love sunflowers! I've featured this post on my blog - feel free to stop by and grab an "I've been featured button" from our right side bar.


    Have a beachy day...
    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea