Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're OUT!

Bye House :(  

I'm going to miss you.  You are an awesome house.  You helped me heal.  I found myself again here. I learned that i can be alone and not fall apart. totally.  I learned I can be 2 parents if i need to be.  My boys learned mommy can smile and laugh after all.  And that it's ok to cry sometimes too.  I was at peace here.  I fell in love again here. You provided my foothold again. God blessed us here.

The boxes are packed in the PODs (it took 2 of the largest ones - where did I get all of this stuff??). The PODs have left my driveway, and the keys are in my renter's hands.  I'm officially homeless until we close on the new house in July.  

For the last week I have been living on an air mattress in my living room while misc. crap was packed into boxes and put into ginormous PODs.  We didn't take time off from work to move out - so we packed before work, on lunch, and after work until midnight over the last few days.  Everything i have hurts.  So far this week I...
  •  Dropped one of those big rubbermaid plastic storage bins down the side of my leg and took the skin off down my shin. OUCH.
  • Attempted to do my own dental re-work by using a hand truck to move boxes out of the house and when it got stuck on the threshold i tugged, the handle came OFF OF THE HANDTRUCK AND FLEW BACK AT ME - hitting me square in the mouth.  I look like i went 3 rounds in a cage match and lost.
  • Wrenched my back out trying to get a really heavy box on top of a stack of 4 other boxes taller than me.  
I am glad it's over. you don't even know, sisters.  Seriously, i am NOT moving us IN.  I'm writing a check.

I'm off to our next adventure....xoxo


  1. I always get so sentimental about leaving a house. It sounds like this house was a wonderful place for you. I am sorry that you are so beat up - you had better take it easy! I can't wait to follow you and your sweet family into the next adventure!

  2. I can 150% relate ....we are NEVER moving again. Can't wait to see pics of the new place!!