Saturday, June 16, 2012

Excuse me, you want HOW MUCH??!?

You guys know I have a very hard time parting with my $$.
HATE IT.  I read your blogs, i know i ain't the only one.

But for several years 
(going on 7 to be exact)
I have been holding off from buying a new dining room set.

I was getting a divorce - not in the mood to buy.
I was changing jobs - not the right time to buy.
The kids are too little, too messy, too rambunctious for nice stuff - wait until they're older.
We're moving! We'll get a dining room set once we move in.
It's hot - we need a pool more than we do a dining room set.
And now here we are with Pinterest.  
DANG it with all with inspiration.

And google - well, you should be ashamed for acknowledging my search request for Ethan Allan.
See what you did - you showed me this!!! 
What is wrong with you?? 

You turned me into a spoiled brat because I didn't have $10K for a dining room set.
(truth be told, we ALL know i wouldn't have spent it even if I had it, cash in colddeadfingers, people)

Enter my hero....

Does this look similar???

Why, yes, yes it does!  
And heck no it wasn't $10k for the table, chairs and hutch either.
And, yes, we have the hutch, but it's still in trailer while get the old china cabinet cleared and outta here!

It's not EA, but it is Thomasville, and it's over 50 years old by the tag on the bottom of the chairs and the look of the hutch. 
Not antique, but gorgeous just the same!

Working on finding new fabric for the chairs this week, and a plan for the top of the table....
and...a place to store my extra china since the new old hutch is much smaller than my old old hutch. 
Did you follow that? 

Now, in perfect timing, my man is off to some poker game with the boys, and I have a glass of red and a chick flick.....and some pinterest calling my name ;)

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  1. LOVE that you found something so similar on craig's list.
    praise God for a good deal!

  2. Thomasville is a great brand too! You found a steal!

  3. I love it and it really does look like the Ethan Allen version! I wish I could find deals like that!