Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prettying up the Dining Room

I thought I would show you a better picture of what we're working with now that we have real furniture, and not just a beat-up craft table covered in glue and glitter.
 The table and chairs are older Thomasville and the factory stamp and lot numbers are on the underside from the North Carolina factory.  
When I researched them, it says the line has been discontinued but there are no marks that tell me when it was made.  (At least as far as I can tell but maybe there is a way?)
 We got the hutch from him as well, although they aren't set. 
Which you can tell by the colors here :)
They're both mahogany but the hutch is stained a darker cherry.
The hutch is stamped Bernhardt inside the left drawer and in excellent shape.  
My research on it shows it was produced in the 30's. So it's pretty darn old.
 Now, here is what I would refer to as dilemma Number One.
The EXTREMELY tall ceiling we have in here.
It makes this hutch appear soooo small, maybe too small for the space.
i heart it.
And we really didn't pay for it - we kind of got it free considering we paid below market value for the table and chairs....
and when i was snooping around online i found a very similar one for almost a grand.
So right now, it stays.

So..I'm trying to determine what to do to flank the sides of the sides of the hutch, or accessorize the top of it to bring the ceiling down closer.

 And....I'm not in love with those Pottery Barn drapes either, so those might go.

And...if they go....something lighter, that works well with color in my kitchen will be brought in.

And what to do on top of the table, hurricanes or pillars or candlesticks....centerpiece or no?

Oh boy, where to start...
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hoping to hear some great ideas!


  1. I am dining room challenged. Not sure why, but I think they are the hardest rooms to decorate & accessorize! So, I got nothing for you. Nada. Still friends?

  2. wow...that ceiling is super tall. it does make it so hard to decorate in. our family room and foyer are 12 ft ceilings, so I feel your pain. you know we sound like brats, right? complaining about tall ceilings. :)

    i can't wait to see how you add the things that Holly has suggested for you.
    In looking at the hutch, I think you should totally add a collection of something above the hutch.....she suggested blue and white jars...you could do that or add a collection of the wine jars in form fitting baskets. They come in all different sizes, and it might add a texture to the room. But, the wine jars are in form fitting baskets and the baskets are wooden....like all your furniture, so it might be too heavy for the room. huh, something to think about.

    as for the bird prints on either side of the hutch...your space is large enough on either side to do four bird prints on either side. Ask Holly what she thinks about that? would it be too much? **remember art.com (michael chad barrett) for the bird prints*

    I got frames for my bird prints from michael's and used 40% off coupons. It took me a while to collect all that I needed, but I finally got them all.

    lightening up the fabric in the room next to the dark furniture will look amazing...I love the buffalo check that she picked for you!

    it's gonna come together and look amazing. But you know it's gonna light your fire to move to another room in the house, right? it's NEVER ending. :)