Friday, June 22, 2012

Anyone else takin' it easy today?

I am.
For those of you that are Facebook friends, you saw how my Wednesday went.
Yea, not so good.
I was ready for Friday 2 days ago.
Let's just say my car still smells like blueberry smoothie, only spoiled.
YUM, no?

But today is going to be a good day...
Oldest has basketball awards today from this week's bb camp.
So i get to be on campus where i took a few (ahem) courses which is kind of cool.
OK REALLY cool since all i ever hear is how great Dad's school is. LOL.

And we have happy hour in this house today precisely at 5. 
No dilly dally.
Mommy needs a mojito....or 4...who's going to count?
don't judge. 
as i said, rough week.

And because mommy also needs a break from the kitchen...i pulled out a ham that the man so graciously cooked on the egg and froze a few weeks back 
knowing there would be a day soon when i was scream 
to being in the kitchen
when the pretty weather is of course, 
outside of the kitchen.

So we're turning that ham into sliders from Pinterest.  
Really, I keep saying I love my cookbooks, 
but i haven't really done anything from them in a long time - 
I go to Pinterest for all my recipes. Sad.

And I know one day my laptop is going to get fried sitting on the counter
while i cook.  
But i did see this the other day in Lowes.
Is this not the bomb or what? 
 Well, that definitely is ONE thing that might make me
stay in the kitchen.

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  1. okay....i've made those ham sliders...they are delicious!

    we're thinking about getting an egg...does it replace the need for a grill? Like, will it do everything I need a grill to do?