Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My mother is coming to visit - you know what that means....

It's a mad dash to:
get groceries
clean the house
REALLY clean the house.
touch up/finish up those little bitty remnants of projects that just kind of got ignored and then ultimately faded into the landscape of crap around here.
organize our dresser drawers
because....she does laundry (thanks Mom!) while she's here
and i have to hear her ask a million times why these boys' drawers are such a mess.

I'm running out of time.
I still wanted to buy some cute little vintage cupcake flags 
for some petite fours.
I actually wanted to MAKE petite fours.
That ain't happening.
I wanted to get some cute vintage wrapping paper for her gifts.
I wanted to BUY gifts.
Need to do that tomorrow.

I did do ONE thing today.

I cleaned my floors. 
And realized my grout is gross.

So....i am working on that in between laundry loads today.

Fun times in the project.

I got an email the other day asking me if I really used just a handful of products.
Yep, I do.
Shaklee is the bomb for solving cleaning product clutter.

I'll leave you with these - and i promise - i'm doing the REST of the floors.  
Not just stopping here and admiring my work.
Although a nice glass of lemonade and sitting in the sun 
is very appealing right now.

So...the bottom has been cleaned and the top and sides are what it looked like before.
No bleach.
No Tile and Grout whatever crap.
Nooooo toxins. No fumes.  No gas mask required.

Just this :)  
A scoop of Shaklee Nature Bright mixed with water 
in a VERY expensive mustard squeezee thing
from the dollar store. 
(and at that i still felt ripped off)
Did i scrub with that brush very hard?
Just brushed it over the line and let it sit for a minute.
No huffing or puffing or aerobic activity really.
Which...is a shame because I'm seriously over running in the Florida heat for a workout.
I am still amazed that people don't know about this stuff.


  1. I have never used that product but it looks like it is working! Good luck getting all your projects done...you are so funny!

  2. I hate grout. Where do you buy it? Have fun with your Mama...and thanks for the reminder about gifts.

  3. Megan - my mom just called and now they're coming 2 days early - woohoo. I sell Shaklee from our website :) projectcleanliving.myshaklee.com

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by The Cozy Old Farmhouse and taking the time to comment on our little ranch house. I miss the country, but not that tiny kitchen. : )

    Great tip about the grout cleaner. I don't currently have tile, but with a move back to Florida in our future (and a hubby who grew up with tile and insists that's what he wants in our home) I'll have to keep this stuff in mind.

  5. My mother hasn't visited in about 5 years which means I haven't REALLY cleaned house in the long. Surface cleaning is about all I do. heehee
    The floor? The dog takes care of that otherwise it gets swept every blue moon. Or every other blue moon. However, your mustard squeezee thing is brilliant. Gonna have to yoink that idea. ty But I do know what you mean by going all out when she comes. I pace myself at tackling things day by day before she gets here and pray she never arrives early. It's rather embarrassing. I've been thinking about pretending she was coming so I could get some real ambition fired up. Ah but dust is just another four letter word and I like to keep my language clean if nothing else.

    Thanks for the inspiration.