Monday, October 10, 2011

New Kitchen Color.

I've been away so long i forgot my password to sign into google.  I don't think that's ever happened before.

Life has been crazy lately - not in a bad way - just gas pedal to the floor for a few months.  The little time i had free i spent either at kids' games, practice, or gathered with friends and family - and that equals a pretty good time.  No complaints.  Life is good.

I am still reading blogs when i can't sleep and keeping up with everyone - there have been so many great things to catch up on out there - i think fall does that to everyone.  The whole "gotta get the house in order before Thanksgiving" thing.

We kind of did the same thing this weekend - it rained for almost 48 hours straight between Friday afternoon and Sunday mid-day, so with games canceled, and kids playing with their cousins (in the rain no less - no idea what makes a kid want to be outside in a deluge is beyond me) - we decided to re-paint the kitchen and family room to match the PB curtains we finally bought.

This open floorplan thing really throws one for a loop when trying to decorate and coordinate. At least it throws ME for a loop. 

It was very hard trying to find what worked with things we were keeping from the merger of 2 households, and me," Ms. Holdmycashwithaclosedfist" , not wanting to spend anymore money than necessary.

This is what it started with - realtor pics b4 we bought.  Very gold.  i called it 'walk on the sun' yellow'.  Yellow is not a favorite color of mine.  This house is very odd, the way it captures colors on film, good or bad.  Trust me when i say it seemed even brighter than this when i was standing in the middle of it.

So, now the kitchen is in it's 3rd revival since we moved in a year ago.   We painted it blue the week we moved in.  Ok, really, my dad and husband painted it blue.  I was in Vegas. (on work people, really!)

which i really liked, but i didn't have window treatments to consider at the time.  Now we do, and they are more gray-blue than this pretty powder blue. 

So now we are here:

Notice the light differenct in afternoon light (blue paint pic) and morning light (last gray blue pic). That's part of the reason this whole paint issue made me batty.

Here are the PB drapes that you see when you walk in the front door, and you can see how your eye goes all the way thru the breakfast nook into the family room?  Crazy madness.

But it is coming together - even though we still have a ladder left in the room. Not quite finished yet...Oh, and a little Halloween scarifying thrown in for the boys....cute, huh?  TJ Maxx is the bees knees for stuff like that.  They've got little bats instead of snowflakes, so when you shake them little glitter bats fly around.   Adorable.

And, what would a decor post be without a decor dilemma.  And here is mine.  That entire area around and above the desk.  Right now i have a few tins from Homegood up there, that you really can't see in this pic - and the entire ledge is very short - so i've had a hard time knowing what to stick up there.   

Also, i think it needs a sink skirt even though it's not a sink. We don't use it as a desk and the only thing i want to put there is my cookbooks.  The underneath becomes a catch all for pet food bags that are too huge to fit in the pantry - so i might as well go with it and just hide the darn thing with some cute fabric.

And if you're thinking that the corkboard is too low - it's because it had it's twin chalk board above it until yesterday.  When it fell, hit the floor and broke into about 5 pieces.

So this my friends, is my kitchen.  I would LOVE any input.  Oh, and the color is SW Sea Salt.

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  1. Get out! You're back! So excited to see your name pop up in my browser. I LOVE the new color {even though I love the old too}. Totally understand the switch and I think it is looking fab in your house these days. I would get one of those big basket / woven trunks {Byholma Chest} from IKEA for that space under the 'desk' area. You could throw pet food or whatever else you needed to cover! Just an idea, they are online - you could check the measurements.

  2. SW Sea Salt is an great color and it looks really nice in your kitchen! Thanks for sharing it with us Sheri!


  3. I haven't been able to reply from home for months, so I'm trying from work. I always enjoy your posts and activities. The new color is soooo pretty! It looks so soft against the crisp white; they complement each so well. Very similar to my living room, Behr's Valley Mist. (Valley Mist may be a tad more green in certain light; one of those changing colors like yours.) Love the new drapes! And the snowglobes; thanks for the TJ Maxx tip!