Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween at casa Kibler

It's been wonderfully cool this past week here in central Florida.  Like in the 60's. At 3 am.  

It's still short and flip flops weather here during the day, but the temps are perfect.  A little breeze.  At night a light sweater (if you're like me) is perfect. 

it's been just gorgeous this weekend.   I found myself nesting a little more.  Trying to add some scary and at the same time, cozy up the house for the holidays.

And while i'm not the one to embrace the orange and black - i do like pulling the scary stuff out hiding, even for a week.

This guy cracks me up.  He's got a motion sensor so he goes off when you walk by.  Says the funniest things.  Nothing scary. But my boys absolutely hate him.  Says it creeps them out.  So...of stays right there. LOL.

I love the eyeballs in the jar, stuck with an olive fork.  The skull smoking Vance's dad's pipe.  

And what's a halloween display without a beating heart and a scary rat?


  1. Oh I just love your Halloween decor - even the scary stuff! This is such a fun time of year to decorate. It has been cool here lately too - but I guess that is normal for October in New Jersey! Have a great week!

  2. I love the eyeball jar! Glad your temps are cooling down and you are in the fall spirit. It sometimes seems like so much work to decorate, only to take it down in a few weeks. But so worth it once you get it up!