Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Temper Tantrums

Yep.  This was me today.  now.

I woke up at 5:30 and forced myself back to sleep, only to then oversleep and have 30 minutes to get the boys up, dressed, fed and out the door to school.

This was of course the morning that one couldn't find a book he needed for school, and the other couldn't un-do the knot in either of his shoes.  Also the morning where they were on each other's nerves continuously.

Throw in me, rushing around like a fool, and walking into the sliding door frame with my bad shoulder.

The pain about put me on.the.floor.  And i think i even yelped.

The rest of the day, i felt like i was underwater, people were on my nerves, and i just couldn't kick the brain into gear.  And i totally forgot a dr's appt.  Awesome.

Cut to later tonight when the little one couldn't find his rough draft that we worked on for his mini-research paper and he had to re-do the entire thing.  Seeing his eyes water up about started my own waterworks factory.

I am spent.

But I am happy. And I am blessed.

  • I may have one frozen shoulder, but I also have one that works :)
  • We might have lost the first research paper, but Nate did much better work on the second one and we got to work on it together.  And laugh.  And feel him hug me and thank me over and over again for helping him put it together.  And i got snuggled on a lot.
  • I got to spend a quiet hour during sunset watching Walker swim, while my mom, bless her heart, cleaned my kitchen.  And I got to hear about Walker's day and hear him laugh.
 Life is good. Always.




  1. UG. Hate the way it started, but sounds like it ended strong. Funny how some days, it all comes down and I just can't take it when another I can take it in stride. Wonder what that is? PMS? Full moon? Hey! It was a full moon here last night! Don't know much about the moon cycles...is it the same in the southern hemisphere? Either way, I bet it is to blame. Hope today is better...love that you have a pool by the way!

  2. Sheri,
    There are those days where everything goes wrong but eventually it does get better!
    Now that you've had one, look it as you got it over and out of the way and won't have another till next time! Really like you kitchen redo!