Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Kitchen

Some of you already know I have this fascination with crisp. and with kitchens.  I also have this thing with the color (absence of color?) white.  and lately some industrial (no idea.)  But I don't think I ever showed you what we started with in our own kitchen.

This is the kitchen from the realtor listing pre the Kibler-Simasek invasion.
I'm not a huge fan of yellow.  Especially when the sun beats in the house the way it does here. Just look at that fireball coming at you in the front door window. HOT.HOT.HOT.

I think I was leaning towards blue just to cool it down in here.  

I have been saving pictures of kitchens that just scream out to me - and you should know, they are not HGTV kitchens, or Candace Olsen kitchens, or even Sarah's kitchens.  They are, instead, YOUR kitchens from blogland.  The crisp, fresh looks that i keep going back to. Lissa, Ashli, Flea Market Trixie, and Canadian Cottage.

I have no idea when the white cabinet thing is going to kick in here at casa Kibler, so i have to make do with what i have right now. And that's ok.  My biggest issue is that here in Florida, the builders seem to want to give you all of these nook or shelves to decorate, and i'm not a fru-fru tchotchkes kind of girl.  I'm a farmhouse fresh kind of girl stuck in a tchotchke shelf house.


Here is where we are now...i love the way that even in the middle of the house, it's still sun-lit. The cabinets bother me less now that the walls are not 'walkonthesun' yellow.  And I think I'm going to paint that kitchen table white, since my bar stools just got here and they are the exact same chair as the table, but in white.

My Sarah came home this week, and did a little project for me too, for this space.  I am totally smitten with zinc letters right now.  However, at $30 a piece or more I was starting to lose that lovin feeling.  So little miss "I can make anything" did just that.  Gotta love having a daughter that majors in design.  Up over the pantry they went. (see what i mean about stupid niches/alcove spaces)

I'm not really sure that picture does them justice either - they truly look like zinc IRL.
 And i have no idea what to stick up there along with that crab can either.  Obviously, it's a much longer process than i planned. :)


  1. looks fantastic! LOVE the EAT!!! You always make me feel like a million bucks! thank you!

  2. I like the color of the cabinets with the new wall color. I also really like what you've done in your living room (or was it family room) from the previous post. I think I would leave the clock bronze. I believe you need a blend of lights and darks to make a home feel cozy and inviting.

  3. And I'm coming over one day to paint those cabinets.

  4. I love you. And your kitch.

  5. Hey, they DO look like zinc! Very cool! Loving the blue; soft and cooling. Great for a kitchen. And I'm totally with you about the alcoves and tchotchkes - not my style, either. "Displays" above kitchen cabinets just don't serve a purpose to me. And with me, most things boil down to "who's gonna dust that stuff up there?" I'd likely just go utilitarian with nice baskets with extra kitchen stuff that doesn't get used too often.

  6. Hey Rose! That's my friend that commented above me here. I read her comment and I thought "I'm going to agree w/ _____" Looked, and saw it was Rose!