Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden Family Compound Pictures - right down the road from where I grew up.

With all the news this week surrounding the death of Bin Laden, this story was bound to re-surface surrounding his brother's estate in Clermont - a bedroom community just west of Orlando, and one town over from where i went to high school.

The story goes that just days after 9/11, Khalil Bin Laden and his family just up and vacated the estate - evaporated into the ether so to speak.  

I remember after 9/11 getting word that my old boss and co-workers from the bank were being interviewed by all sorts of government agencies surrounding another of his family members ties and associations to our bank.  I can still remember one of the wives - not sure which one - coming in the bank bringing each of us a Christmas gift and a box of candy. I remember going to her husband's office to go through some of the banking software and him questioning the credit card transaction rate we were charging him.  It's just surreal, those memories.  I was so young, first real grown up job.  No idea who i was dealing with. 

When those family members made news here - it was all over central Florida news - some of the people being interviewed all had the same reaction i did when i heard the accusations:


"But, they are so must be wrong"  

"He is so kind to everyone - there has to be a mistake."  

I wanted it to be mistake.  I didn't want to fall into the trap of fear.  Then, all of the sudden, the news stories stopped and I don't know what happened or how it turned out.  Again, just surreal.

But here is one of their homes - my friend, Kayc, is a property appraiser out there and shared this article with us yesterday - the link to the article (and more pictures) is at the bottom.

Of course, the house stalker in me wants to see this up close and personal. It was built in the 20's, and has a great old Florida Spanish feel.  I hear that these pictures are from '09 and it has since been vandalized many times over.

Here is the link to the article and more pics -


  1. Wow, this is surreal. I wonder how many situations like this happen and we don't even realize it. I am so glad that the loved ones of the victims have a little peace knowing he is gone. People have said to us here, "Big celebrations in America!" and have asked if everyone is having holiday from work. We look like a nation of celebration in the streets. Funny how things look a world away.

  2. Wow this gives me chills. Hopefully this is the end to at least part the evil in the world.